Why Are the Weeds Back?

Why Are the Weeds Back? It’s almost summer. A few weeks ago, you stopped by the local big box store to purchase weed and feed for the lawn.
Why Are The Weeds Back

Why Are The Weeds Back?

It’s almost summer. A few weeks ago, you stopped by the local big box store to purchase weed and feed for the lawn. You took it home, pulled your old spreader out of the shed and set it where it seemed right, open about half way. Sadly, the product you purchased did not provide spreader settings for your model spreader. No big deal, you figure. Spread a little weed control on the lawn and it’s off to the golf course!

Control Weeds This SummerControl Weeds This Summerweeds in the lawn

A week goes by. The weeds, while somewhat discolored, are still there. Oh, it’s true, after you applied the weed control, dandelions seemed to wither and curl a bit; but they never really went away. Why?

First, if you are a do-it-yourselfer, hat’s off to you. You have demonstrated that you are concerned about your property; how it looks and its health. And, like most of us, you want the weeds gone! You saw a commercial; it made weed control seem really simple; almost ‘fool-proof’. Yet, there they are; dandelions, chickweed and lots and lots of clover! What went wrong?

How to control weeds in your lawn

For effective weed control, first, you need a product labeled to control the weeds in your lawn; not just any weeds, your weeds! And, surprising to some, all weeds are not controllable without damaging the turf. So, first, are you using the right product?

Next, it’s important to understand that, mis-applied, weed controls won’t work. When too much product is applied, the result can be a burning off of top growth without damaging the root system. And the weeds re-grow in merely days. So, applying the right product at the recommended rate is essential for effective control. A common error, and one which will guarantee continued weed headaches, is mis-application of the herbicide. It is very, very easy to leave missed strips of untreated grass as you parade back and forth across the lawn. When any weed is not adequately coated with the selective herbicide, control will be less than complete and the weed can re-generate.

Finally, if you have applied your do-it-yourself weed control before the weeds are actively growing, they simply will not control the still dormant weed. The bottom line is this; effective weed control is very achievable; but only when it is done the right way. Product manufacturers, to ensure sales, make the process seem easy; as if a child could handle it. Unfortunately, that is not realistic. Weed control is a process; identify the problem weed, determine the best control procedure [product use, timing, application process] and carry out the treatment, or treatments [some weeds require more than one treatment for complete control] in the correct manner.

If you are frustrated in your quest for a weed-free lawn, consider turning the project over to the pros! Give ExperiGreen a call today.

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