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NALP Notice

According to the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP), the services provided by ExperiGreen and other lawn and landscape professionals are deemed "Essential Businesses".
  • Landscapers are protectors of public health performing essential treatments to lawns and green spaces to reduce the transmission of dangerous and deadly diseases through pests like mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas.
  • Landscapers protect property and maintain greenspaces that could otherwise jeopardize public safety. Unkept fields and green spaces increase the chance of injuries. Crime rates are increased in areas where green spaces are not maintained. Tree removal is also a critical function of our industry to avoid damaging homes and their families.
  • Also, according to the Ohio Lawncare Association and the Ohio Turfgrass Foundation – The activities necessary for our professional to operate are mostly able to be completed by an individual or pairing of individuals to comply with current social and physical distancing recommendations.

ExperiGreen Lawn Care Programs


Lawn Care Programs offered by ExperiGreen 

Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control Program

Perimeter Pest Control Program

Yard Mosquito Control Program

Tree & Shrub Care Program

Bed Weed Control Program

Flea & Tick Control Program

ExperiGreen Individual Lawn Care Services


Additional services offered by ExperiGreen

ExperiGreen Individual Lawn Care Services


Additional services offered by ExperiGreen 

Lawn Aeration

Lawn Disease Treatment


Soil Amendment

Grub Control

Surface Feeding Insects

Fire Ant Control

Lawn Mite Control

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ExperiGreen Customer Testimonials


Don’t just take our word, see what our satisfied  customers have to say about us! We love exceeding expectations.

Jordan Irwin


“I am in my second year of using Experigreen Lawn Care services and my lawn looks the best that it has in the 6 spring/summers we have had the house. My father came over and actually gave me a compliment on the lawn which are not easily earned. The service has been great and I never paid for law lawncare services before this but I feel the value is well worth it.”

Google Review ★★★★★

Carol Daigle


“Jason came out to service our yard. He spent time explaining things to my husband about tour lawn and what is needed. My husband was pleased with the time going over why our lawn had a few problem areas and what we could do to help.”

Yelp Review ★★★★★

Evi Torres


“I am extremely happy with Experigreen and can see the difference their care has made in our lawn. Their treatments have been consistent and exactly on the indicated periods during the spring, summer and fall. The technicians are very thorough in the applications of the chemicals. They are careful while applying throughout the different areas as not to harm flowers, bushes and foliage around them- as well as appropriate signage for the protection of animals and people. Payment options include paper and electronic-so convenient. The staff on the field as well as in the office is courteous and informative. The treatments and procedures for the seasons were completed as promised. I highly recommend Experigreen. Super job!!!”

Google Review  ★★★★★

Bud Ireland


“I have done my own lawn care for decades but eventually started using a lawn care service. They always did a nice job. One day an Expereigreen rep was canvassing the neighborhood for new business while I was doing some crack repair to our drive. Greg came out as requested to see how to treat a problem that was always diagnosed as a grub issue which I have treated myself with commercial grub control which did not help, nor did aeration. Greg identified it as Bentgrass which I probably brought home from the golf course. Greg told me about a product that would control it without killing all the grass. I brought in tons of topsoil seed and straw after I applied this product myself. The project was a LOT of work over a two-year period. I switched to Experigreen at that time and Martez, the SAME tech has been doing a GREAT job doing the recommended treatment and this year Dempsey did a SUPER job aerating and overseeding, more straw and TONS of water for ten days done by me. BTW Experigreen rates were well below the other provider which afterward tried to low ball their way back in and I declined their offer. Remember grass needs water not just fertilizer… If my pics uploaded properly you can see all the lighter new growth of the tall fescue.”

Google Review  ★★★★★

Gloria Flores


“All weed control service is at a very reasonable price. My lawn was full of clover and other weeds. I didn’t expect an overnight miracle but, as time goes on with continued treatments, I can see a difference already. I have opted for the next treatment of aeration and seeding. I can’t wait to see the improvements. Sales, customer service and application technician were helpful and addressed all concerns and questions. I recommend them for your lawn problems.”

Facebook Review  ★★★★★

Luke Simington


“This company has SAVED my lawn. They do excellent work and have really helped me keep my yard looking beautiful. I called again to have them come spray some weeds on a rock bed and the response was quick and well done, I talked with Rodney, the technician doing the work, and he answered all of my questions and offered assistance with any of my lawn needs. He also left a flyer saying they now treat trees and shrubs, which is perfect timing, as something has been eating my birch!! I trust this company and recommend them without reservation!”

Internal Customer Review  ★★★★★

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