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ExperiGreen  Charlotte NC Branch


3421 Axar Rd Charlotte, NC 28208

Located in the heart of the city and just 12 minutes away from Bank of America Stadium, we understand the challenges of the Charlotte area.

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Meet The Charlotte Team Of Lawn Care Experts!

Matt Hallet-Branch Manager ExperiGreen

Matt Hallet

Branch Manager

“I earned a BA from St Anselm College and AS from UMass-Stockbridge in Turfgrass management and has worked in the green industry for over 31 years, first starting on golf courses and eventually superintendent of an 18-hole course.  After leaving the golf course industry, I worked for the lawncare industry for close to twenty years”

Years Green Industry Experience

Jason Dreblow ExperiGreen Lawn Care

Jason Dreblow

Service Manager

“As Experigreen’s new Service Manager, Nashville Tennessee native Jason Dreblow brings his 15 years of knowledge and expertise in lawn care to the Carolinas. Jason attributes his success and rapport to holding himself and his team to superior service – quality above all else. In his free time, Jason enjoys going on vacations with his family, kayaking, or fishing, but his specialty is digging in the dirt to recover lost relics of history’s past”

Years Green Industry Experience

Ken Scott- ExperiGreen

Ken Scott

Sales Supervisor

“A native of Louisiana, Ken attended Southeastern University on a basketball scholarship. He loved and lived in the Bay area of Californian for several years before relocating with his wife to North Carolina in 2000.

He has been in the lawn care business for 12 years as a sales representative. When not working on his lawn or educating his neighbors and friends on how to perfect and maintain a healthy, green lawn, he is a part-time assistant coach for his youngest daughter’s basketball team.”

Years Green Industry Experience

ExperiGreen Charlotte, NC Lawn Care Program

Choose from two plans for one exceptionally healthy lawn.


Essential Lawn Care Program

8 services that are essential for a thick, greener, and healthier lawn. We have different programs specifically designed for either Warm Season grasses (Bermuda and Zoysia) as well as Cool Season grass types (Turf Type Tall Fescue).  Both grass types are prevalent in what is called the “Transition Zone”. This is the zone in the country where we find both grass types and they require different programs.

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1. Early Spring

On Warm Season grass, we apply the 1st of 2 pre-emergent treatments. On Fescue, we apply professional fertilizer and the 1st of 2 pre-emergent treatments. The pre-emergent treatment sets up a barrier that prevents crabgrass and other grassy weeds on both grass types.  The fertilizer encourages the Fescue grass to recover from winter and promotes a quick spring ‘green-up”.

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2. Late Spring

The 2nd pre-emergent treatment and a high-Nitrogen fertilizer is applied to Bermuda lawns as they start to green up and come out of dormancy. An application of fertilizer containing essential macro & micronutrients and the 2nd pre-emergent treatment is made to Fescue grass. 2 applications of different pre-emergent products mean superior crabgrass and other grassy weed prevention that our competitors just can’t match. Actively growing weeds are treated at this time as weather allows.

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3. Early Summer

A professional controlled-release high-Nitrogen fertilizer, specially formulated for summer growing conditions is applied to Bermuda lawns. Bermuda lawns are actively growing and require higher rates of Nitrogen to thrive.  Fescue lawns are treated with a lower Nitrogen fertilizer, specially formulated for Cool Season grasses heading into the summer months.  Actively growing weeds are treated again as needed.

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4. Summer

Specially formulated fertilizers are applied at different rates on Bermuda and Fescue lawns to account for their different growing patterns and nutrient needs during the hotter summer months. Actively growing weeds are treated again as needed

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5. Late Summer

Summer rates of professional controlled-release fertilizers, specially formulated for Warm and Cool Season grasses are applied to maintain and promote healthy turf through the tough summer growing conditions. Actively growing weeds are treated again as needed.

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6. Early Fall

A liquid fertilizer solution containing macronutrients, broadleaf weed control, and the 1st of 2 fall pre-emergent applications is applied to Bermuda lawns. As summer winds down and fall moves in, Bermuda grass growth will slow, so fertilizer rates will be gradually reduced.  As the Bermuda starts to slow down and go dormant, the weeds do not! Fall pre-emergent applications are especially important for quality Bermuda lawns.  Fescue lawns receive a special liquid mix of macro & micronutrients, amino acids, beneficial bacteria, and other natural products.  Actively growing weeds are treated again as needed.

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7. Fall

The 2nd fall pre-emergent treatment is applied to Bermuda grass. This application helps prevent “winter annual” weeds in warm-season grass and acts post-emergently as well on existing weeds. A professional, controlled-release fertilizer specially formulated for fall growing conditions is applied to Fescue lawns.

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8. Late Fall

“Winterizer” fertilizer applications are made on both Bermuda and Fescue lawns. Bermuda grass is fully dormant at this point of the season, so a high-Potash fertilizer is applied to promote winter hardiness. Fescue lawns’ growth has slowed also, but a high-Nitrogen fertilizer is applied and most of the nutrients are taken up by the plant roots and stored for the winter.  This promotes winter hardiness and early spring green-up.

*Applications are made seasonally and results are based on the full, annual 8 step program.  If the program is started later or less than the full program is purchased, results will vary.  Please allow for a complete annual program of all treatments for best results.


Premier Lawn Care Program

Our Premier Lawn Care Program includes all the benefits of the Essential Lawn Care Program + 2 or 3 additional Premier services that provide even greater protection and superior results, saving you $money$ when you “bundle” and buy upfront!  The Premier program differs for Bermuda and Fescue lawns.

Bermuda Grass Lawns

Core Plugs

Spring/Summer Aeration

Bermuda grass is a warm-season grass and aeration is highly beneficial, but when it is done at the right time! We perform the aeration on your Bermuda lawn when it is actively growing in late spring or summer when it is most beneficial.

Ph Scale

Lime (Soil Ph Amendment)

Managing soil Ph is important, especially on Bermuda lawns. Soils tend to be on the acidic side in our area and a Lime application helps bring the soil closer to neutral.  This helps your Bermuda lawn better utilize the nutrients applied and maximize the benefits of the annual program.

Fescue Lawns

Chinch Bug Treatment

Surface Feeding Insect Control*

Lawn damaging insects that feed on the grass blades above ground, can be hard to predict when they will appear. They also can be hard to identify and can be confused with other lawn problems.  There are several types of surface-feeding insects that cause damage to desirable lawns.  Some of the common pests include Sod Webworm, Armyworm, and Chinch bugs to name just a few.  Protect your lawn from these pests with our Premier program.


Guaranteed Grub Control*

Grubs become prevalent and damaging to lawns in the summer. They are the larval stage of various beetle types and feed silently on the roots of your grass plants. They can cause significant damage to a healthy lawn in a very short amount of time.  We recommend this annual service applied during the summer months to prevent damage to your lawn before damage occurs.

Liquid Aeration Icon

Liquid Aeration*

Our liquid aeration service will loosen the soil, help minimize thatch and oxygenate the root zone of your valuable lawn to encourage deeper rooting. Deeper growing roots, loosened soil and more oxygen means your lawn will be able to better utilize nutrients, water and air will penetrate deeper to allow your grass to thrive and reach its full potential.

*Included in the Premier Lawn Care program.  Service will be performed along with regular applications.

Additional Programs To Combat Mosquitos and Home Invading Pests To Build On and Enhance Your Lawn Care Program 

Mosquito Control Program

Mosquito control is rapidly becoming a critical need vs just a nuisance problem. We offer a comprehensive program of 4 to 8 treatments scheduled about 30 days apart throughout the prevalent mosquito season.  Let us control and minimize these pests so you can enjoy the great outdoors while having peace of mind knowing you are protecting yourself and your family from disease threats like West Nile Virus, Triple E Virus, and Dengue Fever.

Exterior Perimeter Pest Control

Our Perimeter Pest Control program targets seasonal “home invaders” such as spiders, earwigs, and ants as well as additional insect pests. With our multi-point exterior defense plan and removal of spider webs and other debris from eaves, doorways, and windowsills, we minimize these pesky invaders from entering your home.

Fire Ant Control

Getting rid of fire ants in your yard can be a challenging task.  The Red Imported Fire Ant is an invasive species commonly found in the southern United States from California, New Mexico, through Texas, and most other southern states.  The range of fire ants has continued to grow, and they can now be found as far north as Maryland.  Fire ants tend to build large mound-type nests, that are irregular in shape, flattened and can be two to four square feet in size.  They tend to build their nests near structural foundations, in landscape beds, and often along the perimeter of lawn areas.  They can be treated and controlled with insect control products, but often require multiple treatments for complete control. At ExperiGreen, we offer a complete fire ant control service that is guaranteed by the Experts!

Other Beneficial Ala Carte Lawn Services

Guaranteed Grub Control

Add this as an ala carte service to your Essential Lawn Program or upgrade to our Premier Lawn Program (and save $money$). Either way, this key treatment provides guaranteed prevention of damage caused by these highly destructive sub-surface lawn damaging insects.

Surface Feeding Insect Control

Add this as an ala carte service to your Essential Lawn Program or upgrade to our Premier Lawn Program (and save $money$). Lawn damaging insects that feed on the grass blades above ground, can be hard to predict when they will appear.  There are several types of surface-feeding insects that cause damage to desirable lawns.  Some of the common pests include Sod Webworm, Armyworm, and Chinch bugs to name just a few.

Liquid Aeration

Add this as an ala carte service to your Essential Lawn Program or upgrade to our Premier Lawn Program (and save $money$). Our liquid aeration service will loosen the soil, help minimize thatch and oxygenate the root zone of your valuable lawn to encourage deeper rooting.  Deeper growing roots, loosened soil and more oxygen means your lawn will be able to better utilize nutrients, water and air will penetrate deeper to allow your grass to thrive and reach its full potential.

ExperiGreen Lawn Care in Charlotte NC


Programs offered by your local ExperiGreen location

Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control Program

Lawn Flea and Tick Control Program

Lawn Mosquito Control Program

Professional Tree and Shrub Care Program

Landscape Bed Weed Control

Bed Weed Control in Denver CO

ExperiGreen Customer Testimonials


Don’t just take our word, see what our satisfied  customers have to say about us! We love exceeding expectations.

TA Walt


“Trisha and Kyle from ExperiGreen are such awesome professionals. I love my lawn and work hard to get it healthy and keep it healthy. I know there are lots of companies out there but for treating, fertilizing and aerate/seeding ExperiGreen is the BEST! We’ve been customers for about 2 years and have had a great experience both from a customer service and technician perspective. They answer all my questions (and I have lots!) and they arrive when they say they will. Keep doing what you’re doing ExperiGreen!!! Kudos and much thanks for the hard work and value you bring!!! ”

Google Review ★★★★★

Core Church International


“Ken Scott was my sells guy and the service was professional and top quality. I was able to share briefly what was going on with our church lawn and he evaluated the need and provided exactly what we needed. I truly appreciated that he didn't try to over sale us but provided what the church needed. would recommend him to anyone”

Google Review ★★★★★

Jackie Morrison


“I LOVE MY LAWN!. I get butterflies every time I turn the corner and see how beautiful my home lookswith a lush green lawn. I'm from the north and am amazed you can get green grass in the winter. Can't thank Kenny Scott enough for all he does to make my home an asset to our neighborhood! ”

Google Review ★★★★★

Colby F


“Another great experience with this company. Anthony was my guy today and he did great work with aeration and seeding. He was very kind because I still needed to clean up some spots so the seed could be applied properly, and he came back after another stop of his and service the parts of my lawn that I had fixed up after his first stop at my house. Very nice guy and great company. ”

Yelp Review ★★★★★

Ivan Muriel


“Great service. I used to have a lot of weed problems before I started working with Experigreen on my house. They started treating my yard by June 2019 and my yard started changing progressively by the time. Now my yard looks great, without weeds and much stronger and green. Thank you so much! ”

Google Review ★★★★★

Jeanne S


“A+ Lawn Care service, I previously hired the company TruGreen in the past and they made my lawn worse than before. After 3 or 4 applications with ExperiGreen, my lawn started looking good again. Now after almost a year and a half with the company I can FINALLY say I'm proud of my lawn. I recommend this company to anyone. ”

Yelp Review ★★★★★

Samantha Anne


“Our yard is now beautiful and you can clearly tell where our neighbors yard starts. The techs are absolutely awesome and give me pointers on what to work on. I would recommend them to anyone who has weed issues. ”

Facebook Review  ★★★★★

Katie Robinson


“ExperiGreen has turned our lawn into one of the nicest in our community. Neighbors often comment on how it looks like a golf course. I would highly recommend them over any other service we’ve tried. Brent and his team are so professional too!”

Google Review  ★★★★★

Bonnie P


“Service was always on time and definitely helped my Lawn. I would recommend.”

Home Advisor Review  ★★★★★

Stephen Blankenship


“Devin, with Experigreen, visited our home today in response to concerns about tractor tracks left in our yard from a previous weed control visit 2 weeks ago. Devin flattened them down to our satisfaction. He was on time for this appointment and very friendly and professional. We recommend this company to everyone, without exception.”

Google  ★★★★★

Rena Banks


“When I moved into my community there where Experigreen signs in most of the neighbor?s yards. They had beautiful yards and I wanted the same experience with my lawn. However, when it came down to my yard I did not see any improvement and I wasn?t happy. This year I was contacted by Kenneth Scott who convince me to give Experigreen another shot. I must commit Mr. Scott is very serious and professional about his job and clients. He produced the desire outcome I wanted, and my lawn looks great! He has gone up and beyond what I expected from a lawn care service. I highly recommend speaking with Mr. Kenneth Scott for your lawn care needs. He knows what works!”

Home Advisor  ★★★★★

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ExperiGreen Individual Lawn Care Services in Charlotte NC


Additional services offered by your local ExperiGreen location

Individual Lawn Care Services in Charlotte, NC


Additional services offered by your local ExperiGreen location

Lawn Aeration

Lawn Disease Treatment


Soil Amendment

Grub Control

Surface Feeding Insects

Fire Ant Control

ExperiGreen Lawn Care Program

What to expect?

At ExperiGreen, we develop customized lawn care solutions specifically designed for success on Charlotte turf. Our comprehensive lawn program effectively combats our many weeds and pests that wreak havoc on your lawn and helps it thrive in the harsh, regional weather conditions unique to the Charlotte area. We strengthen your lawn from root to tip for thick, green, robust grass capable of withstanding anything Mother Nature can throw at it.


Professional Tree & Shrub Care Program in Charlotte, NC

The low average rainfall and temperature extremes are serious issues for valuable trees and shrubs. Most of the ornamental plants in Charlotte area landscapes are not native to the area. They need extra care, like root zone fertilization and insect, mite and disease prevention and control. Charlotte area receives 6-7 scheduled treatments based on need and weather factors.

Our Professionals Will:

Lawn Disease and Lawn Mite applications

Identify your ornamental plants and the pests or issues that affect them

Create a plan that includes regular root zone fertilization, insect, mite and disease controls tailored to your landscape

Monitor and consult with you on the progress along the way

A well-maintained lawn and landscape can add up to 15% of the value of your home. Enhance, beautify and protect your important investment today with ExperiGreen Professional Tree & Shrub Care in Charlotte NC

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We are Locally Managed & Nationally Supported!

Professional Lawn Care Services and Pest Control Services in Charlotte, NC

ExperiGreen’s Charlotte location provides these services to the areas listed below:

Lawn Care

Lawn Fertilization

Weed Control

Lawn Aeration and Seeding

Grub Control & Surface Feeding Insect Control

Lawn Disease Treatment

Soil Amendment

Fire Ant Control

Nationally Supported

But we’re not just locally managed and operated – we’re also nationally supported by ExperiGreen. The result? You get professional lawn care services and pest control services to Charlotte and surrounding areas, with competitive pricing from a company with years of experience and training in the lawn care and pest control industry.

Years of Industry Experience

Customers Served

Positive Customer Reviews

Let’s Talk about Your Lawn or Your Pests

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