Lawn Care Programs

Let the experts at ExperiGreen provide you with personalized lawn care programs for a healthier, greener, lawn all year long.

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Your customized lawn care plan can include everything from fertilization to weed control, tree & shrub care, and pest control. Our trained and certified technicians deliver regularly scheduled lawn care services using leading products and technology so you see results.

Lawn Fertilization & Weed Control

Our lawn care program features natural “soil building” products that are applied at the right time of the growing season. Our trained technicians visit up to 12 times a year to keep your lawn lush, healthy, and free of weeds.

Perimeter Pest Control

Tree & Shrub Care

Keep the beautiful, large plants around your home pest-free, healthy, and strong with our tree and shrub care program.

Mosquito Control

Flea & Tick Control

Protect your family and your pets from fleas and ticks and enjoy a healthy outdoor living space with our flea and tick control program.

Landscape Bed Weed Control

Perimeter Pest Control

Prevent pests from entering your lawn—and your home—with our professional perimeter pest control program.

Mosquito Control

Get rid of disease-carrying mosquitoes and enjoy your yard in peace with our thorough mosquito control program.

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Not Sure Which Lawn Care Program is Right for You?

Call us at the ExperiGreen office closest to you. Our lawn experts are knowledgeable about local lawn care and pest control needs and are happy to help you select the right program for your lawn.

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Why Your Neighbors Love ExperiGreen

In addition to utilizing industry-leading products and technologies for your lawn and landscape, we continually train our employees so they are able to offer the absolute best service possible.

“This company has SAVED my lawn. They do excellent work and have really helped me keep my yard looking beautiful. I trust this company and recommend them without reservation!”

– Luke Simington

“I love Experigreen! I have used them for my lawn care for 2 years. Customer service is very accommodating. If you have rental property (which I do), you get some really good savings”

– Alice Brite

“I am extremely happy with Experigreen and can see the difference their care has made in our lawn. Their treatments have been consistent and exactly on the indicated periods during the spring, summer and fall.  I highly recommend Experigreen. Super job!!!”

– Evi Torres

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