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Hire the Best Lawn Care Services in Chicago, IL. We provide a full range of lawn care and pest control services in Chicago or nearby! Give our experienced lawn care professionals a call today!

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ExperiGreen  Chicago IL Branch


8200 185th St Suite O, Tinley Park, IL 60487

Chicago – Lawn Care Services and Pest Control Services – We’re Local, We’re Nationally Supported, and We’re in Your Area!

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Bolingbrook, IL

Bolingbrook Zip Codes

60440, 60446, 60490, 60517, 60565, 60585

Orland Park, IL

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60448, 60462, 60467, 60487

Plainfield, IL

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ExperiGreen Chicago, IL Lawn Care Program

Choose from two plans for one exceptionally healthy lawn.

ExperiGreen Lawn Care Programs in Chicago IL


Programs offered by your local ExperiGreen location

Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control Program

Lawn Flea and Tick Control Program

Lawn Mosquito Control Program

Perimeter Pest Control Program


ExperiGreen Customer Testimonials


Don’t just take our word, see what our satisfied  customers have to say about us! We love exceeding expectations.

Evi T


“I am extremely happy with Experigreen and can see the difference their care has made in our lawn. Their treatments have been consistent and exactly on the indicated periods during the spring, summer and fall. The technicians are very thorough in the applications of the chemicals. They are careful while applying throughout the different areas as not to harm flowers, bushes and foliage around them- as well as appropriate signage for the protection of animals and people. Payment options include paper and electronic-so convenient. The staff on the field as well as in the office is courteous and informative. The treatments and procedures for the seasons were completed as promised. I highly recommend Experigreen. Super job!!!”

Google Review ★★★★★

Mary D


“Our lawn looks terrific after using this service! Jake Dahlstrom, our technician, personally oversees all applications and treatments in a very professional manner. He never tries to upsell unnecessary services. We are highly satisfied with having such a great lawn at a very reasonable price.”

Google Review ★★★★★

Gerry C


“As usual we had an excellent lawn treatment today, our technician Jake Dahlstrom notified us exactly what we had to do in order to have a beautiful golf course weed free type of lawn. Some people think this is done by some kind of magic, however if we don’t do our part, one cannot expect miracles, although Experigreen is a great help at reasonable rates. I would definitely recommend them!”

Yelp Review  ★★★★★

Gloria F


“All weed control service is at a very reasonable price. My lawn was full of clover and other weeds. I didn’t expect an overnight miracle but, as time goes on with continued treatments, I can see a difference already. I have opted for the next treatment of aeration and seeding. I can’t wait to see the improvements. Sales, customer service and application technician were helpful and addressed all concerns and questions. I recommend them for your lawn problems.”

Google Review  ★★★★★

Julie L


 “I’ve used Experigreen for over a year now and am very pleased. They are prompt, leave CORRECT details on my lawn each time they visit and answer any and all questions I direct via email-in a very timely manner. This is hands-down FAR better than the last company I used who should not use the word true, or a similar spelling, anywhere in their name. I believe my tech at Experigreen is Jake, and he’s always very kind and attentive while at my home. I’m so happy to now have a company who cares about its customers and actually takes pride in their work. Yay!”

Google Review  ★★★★★

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ExperiGreen Individual Lawn Care Services in Chicago IL


Additional services offered by your local ExperiGreen location

Individual Lawn Care Services in Chicago IL


Additional services offered by your local ExperiGreen location

Lawn Aeration

Lawn Disease Treatment


Soil Amendment

Grub Control

Surface Feeding Insects

Lawn Care Program in Chicago IL

We have deep roots in the area, so we take pleasure in providing exceptional lawn care and pest control services to the great people of the Chicago area.

Yes, this is the place where we do business – but it’s also our home. We never forget that as we serve hundreds of customers in the Chicago area.

ExperiGreen develop a personalized care plan for your ‘Chicago lawn’ that may include:

Optional Beneficial Treatments:

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Lawn Care and Pest Control Services in Chicago IL

ExperiGreen’s Chicago location provides these services to the areas listed below:

Weed Control

Surface Feeding Insect Control

Lawn Disease Treatment

Soil Amendment

Nationally Supported

But we’re not just locally owned and operated – we’re also nationally supported by ExperiGreen. The result? You get professional lawn care services and pest control services to Chicago and surrounding areas, with competitive pricing from a company with years of experience and training in the lawn care and pest control industry.

Years of Industry Experience

Customers Served

Positive Customer Reviews

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