Weed Wednesday: Speedwell

Happy Weed Wednesday! Did you know that Speedwell, also known as Veronica, has over 500 different species?
Weed Wednesday Speedwell

Speedwell In Home Lawns

Happy Weed Wednesday! Did you know that Speedwell, also known as Veronica, has over 500 different species? In Ireland it was also once sewn into clothes as a protection charm. These days, this weed is seen as a nuisance and something most homeowners don’t want to see among their healthy grass.

This winter annual weed, originating from Asia, thrives in cool temperatures, shade, and moist soil. Since Speedwell is a low growing weed, it can also be used as an ornamental ground cover in landscaping. Speedwell, which is entirely covered in fine hairs, has round leaves that grow from the base of the plant and upper leaves that are pointed up. 

Speedwell Weeds - Controlling Weed Speedwell In LawnsSpeedwell Weeds - Controlling Weed Speedwell In LawnsCreeping Speedwell

It also will have a very distinctive heart shape seedpod below the either bright blue, white, purple, or pink flowers that it produces in late spring and early summer. The good news? This weed typically does not last long after flowering. Thin grass can create a perfect environment for this weed to grow freely. The best way to combat this invasive weed is to improve the overall density of your lawn by supplying nutrients throughout the growing season. Once this weed begins to grow, applying contact herbicide regularly will help to control and eliminate it from your lawn. Practicing good lawn maintenance habits by correctly mowing and watering your lawn will play a large part in how weeds just like this invasive one grow.

Creeping Speedwell

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Speedwell Map

Speedwell Weed Map

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