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ExperiGreen’s perimeter pest control program is the smarter way to keep pests out of your lawn. Our treatments keep your lawn healthy and pest free.

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Our ExperiGreen Perimeter Pest Control targets seasonal “invaders” such as spiders, earwigs and ants, as well as additional insects. With our multi-point exterior defense plan and removal of spider webs and other debris from eaves and windowsills, we minimize these pesky invaders from entering your home.

We focus on areas and points on your house where insects and spiders tend to enter, such as around windows, doors, hose bibs, plumbing or utility pipes and other points of entry. Our program of 4-6 scheduled visits, combines both liquid and dry materials targeted at specific pests, so you can rest assured that we will keep these pests outdoors where they belong! Since we stay outside and focus on the exterior of the structure, you dont have to be home and we deliver superior results at the same time.

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Why do you need a perimeter pest control program?

Our professional Perimeter Pest control program delivers superior results and we never even have to enter your home. With warmer weather in the spring, through the summer and then as temperatures start to drop again in fall, seasonal “invader” pests become prevalent. They want the comforts of home, just as humans do! Join our other satisfied Perimeter Pest Control customers and keep those pests out!

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Benefits Of Our

Perimeter Pest Control


Prevents pests from entering your home through cracks and crevices. By using our multi-point exterior insect control service, we create a protective barrier around the outside of your home.

This invisible, odorless barrier will protect your home without impeding your outdoor activities.

Eliminates pests who are living outside your home by using a targeted specially designed insect controls that prevent creepy crawling insects like spiders, ants, and silverfish from entering your home.

Regardless of the season, bugs belong outside. Defend your home from creepy crawling insects.

ExperiGreen Perimeter Pest Control Program

Aims to keep crawling insects from getting into your home.

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Perimeter Pest Control

We perform a multi-point pest defense plan which includes:

Why Your Neighbors Love ExperiGreen

In addition to utilizing industry-leading products and technologies for your lawn and landscape, we continually train our employees so they are able to offer the absolute best service possible.

“This company has SAVED my lawn. They do excellent work and have really helped me keep my yard looking beautiful. I trust this company and recommend them without reservation!”

– Luke Simington

“I love Experigreen! I have used them for my lawn care for 2 years. Customer service is very accommodating. If you have rental property (which I do), you get some really good savings”

– Alice Brite

“I am extremely happy with Experigreen and can see the difference their care has made in our lawn. Their treatments have been consistent and exactly on the indicated periods during the spring, summer and fall.  I highly recommend Experigreen. Super job!!!”

– Evi Torres

Frequently Asked Questions

Our ExperiGreen Perimeter Pest control program targets seasonal “invaders” such as spiders, earwigs and ants, as well as additional insects. With our multi-point exterior defense plan and removal of spider webs and other debris from eaves and windowsills, we minimize these pesky invaders from entering your home.

There are a multitude of do it yourself products on the market for home pest control. It is difficult to single out one product or one approach as being the best to control pests in your home.

ExperiGreen’s professional Perimeter Pest Control program takes the guesswork out of pest control, eliminates the need for you to store chemicals and delivers great results.

In most instances, depending on the severity of the pest problem and what products are used, you can reenter your home immediately after a pest control service or treatment. In all but the most severe cases, ExperiGreen’s professional Perimeter Pest Control program will control most seasonal invading pests.

Frequency of pest control applications to your yard and the outside perimeter of your house will depend on the type of insect or pest problem you have. Lawn insects that cause damage to your grass will require at least one and possibly two applications to control them and stop the damage. Lawn insects are classified as surface feeding or sub-surface feeding insects. Sod Webworm is an example of a surface feeding insect and feeds on the above ground grass blades, while white grubs are subsurface feeding insects and feed on the roots of the grass plants.

Our ExperiGreen lawn programs provide control of damaging lawn or yard pests, while our Perimeter Pest control program controls and prevents seasonal “invaders” from entering your home. Our ExperiGreen Perimeter Pest control program consists of 4 – 6 scheduled visits over the growing season.

Perimeter Pest control applications can be applied after it has rained and as long as it has a chance to dry, the product and application will be effective. Lawn pest control applications are similar, in that you can apply the product after it rains. In the case of grub control, it is recommended to actually water the product in to drive it down into the root zone of the grass, where the pests are feeding.

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