What Is Liquid Lawn Aeration?

ExperiGreen is excited to announce a new service we are offering at each of our locations this season; Liquid Aeration.
What is liquid lawn aeration

What is Liquid Lawn Aeration? 

Here at ExperiGreen, we are always researching ways to improve our customers’ experience and their lawns. We stay at the forefront of following and researching new products and technologies with this goal in mind.  With that being said, we are excited to announce a new service we are offering at each of our locations this season; Liquid Aeration. In 2020, our Cincinnati branch was able to test this new service, so read below as we spoke with Branch Manager Steve Williams on his experience:

Steve: It’s a combination liquid material that breaks up the hard clay and thatch while loosening the soil. This allows for better air circulation and water percolation down through your lawn and helps the grass roots to grow much deeper into soil.

Liquid Aeration Q&A with Steve Williams

Steve: Liquid aeration is applied with a machine or a truck-mounted spray hose. Once applied, it begins to dissolve thatch and clay almost immediately. This is extremely beneficial for lawns that have a heavy thatch layer, are heavily compacted, or have very dry soil.

Steve: It benefits the lawn by creating a better growing environment for grassroots. By loosening up the soil, your lawn’s grassroots are able to grow deeper. This helps protect turf from drought damage, insect damage, and lawn diseases.

What is the Difference Between Liquid and Core Lawn Aeration?

Steve: Both techniques of Aeration work well and are beneficial for any home lawn. However, Liquid Aeration is less invasive. Once Liquid Aeration dries, you can return to the lawn with no worries. Core aeration leaves plugs all over lawns and in times of rain, this can be very muddy. Core aeration can be challenging to perform properly when done on wet areas or hills. You also need to mark sprinkler heads, hidden dog fences, robot mower lines, and any pipes or drains that may be shallow in order to prevent damage.

Liquid aeration is sticky prior to drying. If you are seeding at the same time, Liquid Aeration coats the seed which helps protect it and keeps the seed from washing away (even on hills) if there is rainfall. In short, Core Aeration requires more work and possible concerns for homeowners if mother nature intervenes.

Liquid Lawn Aeration Vs. Core Aeration

Steve: It’s less expensive than core aeration. There is no need for a specialized core aeration machine and an additional representative to run the machine. Typically, we can apply the liquid aeration products with our normal equipment. With all of these factors, we can offer liquid aeration at a lower cost than conventional core aeration.

Steve:  No, that is not the case at all.  Traditional mechanical core aeration is very beneficial.  Even with some of the potential drawbacks mentioned earlier, physically extracting soil cores from the lawn is highly recommended, even with liquid aeration being performed.  As “Experts in Lawn Care” ExperiGreen recommends that customers have liquid core aeration performed in one growing season and then the next growing season, have traditional mechanical core aeration performed (or visa-versa).  This way your lawn gets the “best of both worlds”: the tried-and-true core aeration and the new liquid aeration.


Before ExperiGreen Liquid Aeration

After ExperiGreen Liquid Aeration

Benefits of Liquid Lawn Aeration Infographic

ExperiGreen Liquid Aeration Infographic

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