Weed Wednesday: Crabgrass

Happy Weed Wednesday! This week we will talk about Crabgrass. Did you know crabgrass has 220 species it is closely related to?
Weed Wednesday Crabgrass

Weed Wednesday: Crabgrass

Happy Weed Wednesday! With only 3 weeks of Weed Wednesdays left, we thought it was time to talk about one of the most aggressive, invasive, and surprisingly tough grassy weeds. You guessed it, crabgrass. Did you know crabgrass has 220 species it is closely related to? Native to Europe, this weed is found in many parts of the world and widely used as a forage crop, meaning it is specifically grown to be eaten by grazing animals such as cows, horses, goats, and sheep. For most homeowners, crabgrass is a sign of summer, heat, and annoyance.

How to Get Rid of Crabgrass in the LawnHow to Get Rid of Crabgrass in the LawnRemoving Crabgrass

Often misunderstood since it is a summer annual weed and closely resembles other winter grassy weeds, crabgrass will only germinate, or grow, once soil temperatures reach a consistent 55 degrees. This low growing weed flourishes in the summer matures in the early fall and will drop up to 100,000 seeds before turning purple and dying off at the first frost. The seeds it is able to lay will then remain in your soil over-winter until the following summer when they begin to grow. Once it breaks through the surface of the soil and into your lawn it will grow outward and spread horizontally among your grass resembling the body of a crab, which is where it gets its name.

Crabgrass Prevention

If left untreated, crabgrass will very quickly overwhelm and smother your healthy grass and then deposit seeds leading to a complete infestation and possibly take over the entire lawn. Because of how it grows, the best thing you can do is to treat it before it grows with a pre-emergent herbicide. But don’t worry, that’s where we come in.

Don’t have ExperiGreen? Not a problem! With season-long fertilization applications, 2 crabgrass prevention treatments in the spring, and delivery of key nutrients to your lawn at the right time, our Experts will make sure your lawn gets and maintains a healthy, lush, and weed-free appearance. Call us today to learn more about our services and how you can get your first application for $29.95*.

Crabgrass Weed Map

Crabgrass Weed Map

Photo Credit: EDD Maps

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