Full vs Partial Lawn Care Programs

First, and most important, a partial lawn care program is definitely more beneficial than doing nothing to maintain your lawn.
Full vs Partial Lawn Care Programs

Full vs. Partial Lawn Care Programs

First, and most important, a partial lawn program is definitely more beneficial than doing nothing to maintain your lawn.

Still, for the best possible, healthiest lawn, there is no substitute for a full, season-long program of targeted treatment and professional monitoring.

To understand the benefits of a full, season-long program of lawn treatments vs. applying only two or three seasonal applications, you need to understand why we have full, season-long programs in the first place

Choosing the Right Lawn Service For SpringChoosing the Right Lawn Service For SpringLawn Care Facts

Think of a complete, lawn fertilization and pest control program, as a series of visits by a trained professional, focused on providing just what each individual lawn needs, then monitoring the condition of that lawn all season vs. treating every lawn the same with ‘whatever is in the tank’ and on a less frequent basis. Remember, lawns, like people, are not all the same.

Three facts about full treatment vs. partial lawn programs:

Research shows that lawns need regular fertilization to build and maintain density and to tolerate the many stresses lawns endure from pests and nature. Most urban and suburban lawns have had organic-matter “rich” topsoil removed, leaving compacted, heavy soils that are nutrient “poor”.  This is where the full lawncare program comes in.

When nutrients are not readily available, as on a sporadic, partial program, the lawn will begin to thin out, allowing weeds to invade and pests to damage the turf.

Lawn Care Facts

Weeds grow and invade lawns all season long. The best way to control weeds is through a program of regular monitoring and treatments before weeds take over large areas of the lawn. This is what a full-treatment program provides.

Partial programs, widely spaced, allow plenty of time for weeds to invade, making their eventual control much more difficult and costly.

Regular monitoring on a full program of visits by our trained ExperiGreen technician, ensures that any pest problems can be spotted and treated before significant damage takes place. All provided on the full program.

Partial programs do not provide enough oversight. Long periods during the growing season, as environmental conditions change, can result in disease and insect invasions and serious potential lawn damage. Once damaged, it will be far more expensive to repair a damaged lawn than to avoid the damage in the first place, on a fully monitored program.

Simply, the more our technicians are on your lawn, the better we will be able to monitor conditions and make recommendations to our customers, things to keep in mind between visits, alerting them to situations to be aware of as we go through each growing season.

There is no comparison between the value of full-lawn programs vs. what may seem like a less expensive partial program. End to end, the full program wins every time.

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