Weed Wednesday Wild Carrot

Happy Weed Wednesday! This week we want talk more about Wild Carrot (daucus carota) and how it can grow in your home lawn.
Weed Wednesday Wild Carrot

Wild Carrot In Home Lawns

Another Wednesday, another weed. This unique weed is native to regions of Europe and Asia but is commonly found in the US and even Australia. The history of this weed can actually be traced back through historical texts and artworks. While many may recognize it by one of its common names once it flowers, Queen Anne’s Lace, this week we want to talk more about Wild Carrot (daucus carota) and how it can grow in your home lawn.

This biennial weed, which completes its life cycle over two growing seasons, gets its name from the similarities it has to regular carrots. This weed thrives in areas that are typically undisturbed or lawns that have thin areas and poor soil health.

Wild Carrot Weed FlowerWild Carrot Weed FlowerWild Carrot Weed in Home Lawns

Wild Carrot can grow up to 2 feet tall with a solid stem and leaves that are triangular in appearance. The flowers it produces are typically small and white in a cluster pattern that forms an umbel (where it gets the Queen Anne Lace name) which resembles a lacey umbrella over the weeds stalk and leaves. While the flowers are typically white, they can also have a pink bud and reddish to purple center in the middle of the umbel.

Wild Carrot can produce up to 1,000 seeds that that will grow on a rosette of leaves and can remain in the soil for up to 7 years. If the seeds are able to germinate in the soil, they will multiply, making control difficult.

Getting Rid Of Wild Carrot Weed in Home Lawns

Mowing over this weed before new plants have emerged can help but the best route for total control of this weed is typically a dense healthy lawn or weed control treatments. That’s where we come in.

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Wild Carrot Map

Wild Carrot Growth In US Map

Photo Credit: Invasive Plant Atlas

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