Giving Back Never Felt So Good

ExperiGreen is proud to announce its participation as a volunteer for Project EverGreen’s GreenCare for Troops initiative.
ExperiGreen Lawn Care Supports Military Families With Project EverGreen This Spring

ExperiGreen Is Proud To Support Military Families This Spring

Green spaces make a significant difference in all our lives. They help us breathe cleaner air, they cool surface temperatures, and they help promote physical and mental wellness. That is why ExperiGreen is a proud volunteer with Project EverGreen’s GreenCare for Troops, a nationwide initiative that provides free lawn care and landscape services to families of currently deployed military personnel.

Our yards provide an area for children to play and friends and family to relax and connect, creating a beautiful place that positively contributes to the environment and the relationships in our lives. However, not every military family has the time to stay on top of the upkeep of their lawns and yards.

ExperiGreen Is Proud to Support Military FamiliesExperiGreen Is Proud to Support Military FamiliesExperiGreen Supports Local Military Families With Project EverGreen

As a GreenCare for Troops volunteer, ExperiGreen removes that burden of lawn and yard maintenance off military families and provides the gift of green space when they are most in need of a place that can lift spirits and relieve stress.

Giving back to military families that sacrifice so much for our country is a selfless act. The dedication military personnel have for our country is inspiring us to work one yard at a time to make a small difference in their lives.

GreenCare for Troops marks its 16th  year in 2022 and has provided an estimated $10 million in donated lawn and landscape services and peace of mind to thousands of military families in need across the country. By volunteering for this initiative, ExperiGreen is joining volunteers across the country to provide this valuable service to families in need of help.

If you or someone you know is interested in volunteering or if you know a military family that is eligible to receive services, visit the GreenCare for Troops page on Project EverGreen’s website for more information.

ExperiGreen Supports Local Military Families With Project EverGreen

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