Weed Wednesday: Ground Ivy

Happy Weed Wednesday! Ground ivy is a perennial weed with square running stems that produce clusters of leaves at its stem.
Weed Wednesday-Ground Ivy

Weed Wednesday: Ground Ivy

Happy Weed Wednesday! On the last post for this growing season, we would like to talk about a common perennial weed, that not only doubles as a ground cover but one of the most loathed lawn weeds. You guessed it, Ground Ivy. This well-known weed has many other names most commonly, Creeping Charlie.  It typically is a big nuisance to homeowners when it begins to aggressively grow in your lawn.

Ground Ivy In Home LawnsGround Ivy In Home LawnsGround Ivy Flower

Ground ivy is a perennial weed with square running stems that produce clusters of leaves at its stem. Once this weed blooms in the spring, it will produce small purple or blue flowers with scalloped edges. Because of the creeping way it grows across a lawn and as the weed gets more established, the stems start to become woody, like a vine or ivy plant. This can make it a very difficult weed to control. Considered an indicator weed, Ground Ivy will grow in lawns that have less desirable growing conditions for grass. It could be that the lawn has too much shade or moisture or that the soil has unbalanced pH levels

Ground Ivy Flower

The key to control is to treat before it goes to seed and starts to spread. Chemical control has been shown as the best way to do this with post-emergent herbicides being applied throughout the season. Remember- weeds will always grow in thin or bare areas so if are seeing an abundance of this weed or any other kinds you may want to consider Aerating and Overseeding your lawn in the fall to make sure grass is the only thing growing and not a long list of pesky weeds.

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Ground Ivy Weed Map

Ground Ivy Weed Map

Photo Credit: EDD Maps

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