Control Creeping Charlie

Creeping Charlie or "ground ivy" is a perennial, creeping plant that is sometimes grown as an ornamental ground cover.
Managing Creeping Charlie in Chicago

Control Creeping Charlie And Ground Ivy In Your Chicago Lawn

One of the most damaging weeds in lawns in the Midwest is Creeping Charlie (Glechoma hederacea). Also known as Ground Ivy, this weed has distinct kidney-bean shaped leaves with small purplish flowers and scalloped leaf margins. This plant creeps with along the ground, with long stems that root at the root nodes. As the plant creeps, it damages turf and other plants in the lawn and in the area of the Creeping Charlie plants.

Creeping Charlie can quickly take control of a lawn through its rapid growth and creeping extensions, taking over an entire lawn in a short period of time. It especially fills in bare areas of the lawn, such as shady areas where the grass growth is limited.


The best way to control Creeping Charlie is to manage the original plant before it goes to seed and starts spreading. Hand pulling, hoeing, and smothering the weedy areas with mulch can be effective in stopping the weed before it propagates.

You can also chemically control Creeping Charlie through the use of a post-emergent broadleaf weed killer that contains dicamba. It typically takes at least 2 applications of a dicamba-based post-emergent broadleaf weed killer per season to control or eliminate Creeping Charlie from your lawn. Chemicals containing triclopyr or 2,4-DP are also effective herbicidal treatments against Creeping Charlie.

ExperiGreen Lawn Care provides a full spectrum of weed control and lawn care programs that helps your lawn regain or maintain its healthy, vibrant appearance. These programs include:

Lawn Fertilization – A regularly scheduled plan of providing lawn feedings, with different nutrient contents depending on season and location, producing the best results.

Weed Control – A weed is a ‘plant out of place’ – and they seem to love lawns, especially unhealthy lawns. When combined with lawn fertilization, a regularly scheduled plan of administering environmentally-friendly weed control measures to your lawn helps the grass in your lawn establish and maintain control – thus driving out the weeds.

Lawn Aeration – Imagine trying to take a breath if you were crammed into a compact car with 10 other people – exactly! A lawn needs room to breathe – overly compacted soil will suffocate your lawn, even overcoming the positive effects of lawn fertilization and weed control measures.

Grub Control – In addition to being a delicacy for skunks and raccoons who will dig up your lawn to get to these tasty morsels, grubs will point-blank kill your lawn. These little buggers have a voracious appetite, and one of their favorite nutrition sources is your lawn’s roots!

If you’re having trouble with Creeping Charlie, Ground Ivy, or with any weeds in your lawn, contact ExperiGreen Lawn Care today, and let’s talk about getting your lawn back to full health.

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