The Best Fertilizer – Liquid Or Granular

First, a fertilizer is any material that supplies plant essential nutrients to the lawn. Some materials are sprayed on in liquid form, some are spread as dry, granular materials.
The Best Fertilizer – Liquid or granular

Best Lawn Fertilizer: Liquid vs. Granular Fertilizer 

First, fertilizer is any material that supplies essential plant nutrients to the lawn. Some materials are sprayed in liquid form, some are spread as dry, granular materials. The key to fertilizer effectiveness is not whether the products are liquid or dry, but what the content of the fertilizer is. Both liquid and dry fertilizers can be very effective if they provide what grass plants need.

For decades, it was believed that any fertilizer containing nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, called a “complete fertilizer”, was enough.

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More recently, researchers have learned that there is more to the story. We now understand that most of the time, supplemental phosphorus is not required. The exception would be where starting a new seeding. Phosphorus in the seedbed does enhance critical early root development. And it may not be necessary to add any potassium to the mix.

Bottom line, today’s best, most effective fertilizers are formulated with a mixture of the best of the past, with modern, new additions of micro-nutrients and enzymes.

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In essence, we now know that the very best way to build a thick, healthy turf is to first, build up the soil. It’s fair to describe modern fertilizers as “soil builders”. The idea is simple, first, build up the soil by creating a storehouse of nutrients, micro-nutrients, beneficial bacteria and amino acids. This reservoir of essential materials in the soil, is consistently available to ‘feed’ grass plants through the roots, over time.

At ExperiGreen, we have developed a new and much more effective fertilizing process. Our process represents a hybrid approach to lawn nutrition. First, we consider the individual lawn, grass types and site conditions. Then, we build a program based on those, individual property needs. Some applications will be liquid, some granular, depending on the treatment objective. With a healthy dose of “soil builder” materials [described above], topped off with a small amount of soluble nitrogen to ‘kick start’ the greening, we are providing just what each lawn needs, all season long.

What you can expect is a healthier lawn all season, supplied with just what is required for optimal, healthy growth. The lawn will show beautiful, green color within several days of treatment and maintain healthy growth, maximizing density and becoming stronger as the weeks pass. On our recommended program of regular treatments, you will have the very best, most effective lawn program available anywhere.

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