The Value of Experience in Small Business

In the “green industry”, there are over 10,000 small to mid-sized businesses vying for your patronage. Learn the value and experience in a small business.
The Value of Experience in Small Business

The Value Of Experience In Small Business

In the “green industry”, there are over 10,000 small to mid-sized businesses vying for your patronage. In the lawn care service sector, every city in America has multiple service options for you to choose from. Making the choice, selecting a home lawn service provider may not be as simple as it first appears; and choosing the right partner to care for your most valuable asset, your property, is important.

Part of the challenge is understanding that caring for the lawn and/or landscape plants does require some level of expertise. Plants are living things and must be cared for accordingly. Too many homeowners assume all that is required is to slop on some fertilizer, spray ugly weeds and the job is done. Nothing could be more inaccurate.

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Proper lawn service will have complete and thorough programs; application and monitoring procedures that cover the myriad situations to be potentially encountered. Lawns contract diseases, just like people. Lawns are attacked by insects. Lawns and landscapes must endure all sorts of radical environmental swings and extremes. Guiding the lawn through this maze of challenges requires two important things; access to the most effective products and procedures and the EXPERIENCE BASED KNOWLEDGE necessary to effectively use those products and procedures.

The most successful small businesses have this experience and expertise. One does not simply buy a truck and equipment and become a serious lawn service operator. Again, the experience will make a difference in the quality and value of services provided to each customer and experience will lead the way to new and innovative practices that protect customer properties in the future.


Lawn Care Services Beech Grove Indiana

It’s true, knowing just when to make an application and which products are required, providing invaluable information to homeowners throughout the growing season, anticipating potentially damaging environmental conditions; is all-important. And you won’t find it by selecting your service provider based on the lowest cost alone.

We all want and deserve the very best price. But when a small business finds themselves unable to attract new customers and grow, too often lowering the cost of service becomes their only alternative. And when a small business cannot generate satisfactory revenue to make using the best, most effective products and equipment possible, when labor costs mean hiring less than satisfactory staff, the customer suffers. Eventually, a small business without the experience needed to succeed in today’s world will soon disappear.

Before selecting a home service provider, smart homeowners look for one thing first and foremost, MANAGEMENT EXPERIENCE.

Click here to see how other small businesses became giants as a result of using one key advantage, their experience.

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