Landscaping & Lawns Adds Value

In this post we will talk about how landscaping & lawns adds value to your property and why its is important to invest in it today.
Landscaping & Lawns Adds Value

Landscaping & Lawns Adds Value To Your Property

If you are a typical American, you either have or will move several times in your lifetime. And, when you do decide it’s time to sell your home, you’ll want the most money possible from the sale. Chances are, every additional dollar you get will be needed for your next home purchase!

Over the years, home sellers have learned that attracting motivated buyers can be more successful if your property is well landscaped.

Landscaping & Lawns Adds Value To Your HomeLandscaping & Lawns Adds Value To Your HomeLandscaping & Lawns Adds Value To Your Property

Recent realtor figures conservatively estimate that curb appeal alone will raise the sale price over a non-landscaped property by a minimum of 5-6% and a maximum of between 15 and 20%.

On an average home worth $300,000, that amounts to $16,000 to over $40,000! Yes, we’re talking real money.

If the above makes sense and you decide to invest in landscaping, you’ll be glad to know that for as little as $3,000, you can develop an affordable landscape plan and install enough plantings to make a real difference as prospective buyers arrive, taking their first look at your home.

Landscaping & Lawns Adds Value To Your Property

Realtors tell us that having a landscape plan is key to maximizing the sale price. In other words, making the most of your landscape is more than just planting a new tree on the front lawn or killing off ugly weeds. While those things are fine and helpful, it’s the plan that pulls the picture together, framing your home in an attractive mosaic of forms and colors.

Every city, town and village in America has qualified lawn care and landscaping professionals who, for just a phone call, will be more than willing to talk with you about developing a sensible and affordable landscape plan. At a very minimum, it makes sense to get the lawn into the best possible condition; and that means having a lawn care program that will maximize your lawn’s health and beauty, as you begin the sales process.

And, to be sure, nothing is more important than experience in providing a successful lawn care plan.

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