Best Lawn Mowers

One common question homeowners who want a nice lawn ask is, what kind of mower is best?
Best Lawn Mowers For Your 2023 Lawn

Best Lawn Mowers

One common question homeowners, who want a nice lawn ask is, what kind of mower is best? Since the early 1900s, mechanics and engineers have tried design after design in an effort to develop the best all-around mower. And, over the years, many variations on the theme have made their way to the lawncare marketplace.

The best way to determine which type of mower is best for a specific lawn situation is to select a mower that is most practical for the mowing challenge and, at the same time, provides a quality cut; smooth and even across the lawn area.

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And now, in the 21st century, options include not only large and small mowers but mowing machines that operate automatically, on their own, without homeowner assistance of any kind! And, surprisingly, they work! These mowers move endlessly back and forth, randomly clipping small bits of grass blade as they mow continually, 24/7. The lawn never needs mowing because it is always being mowed! Imagine having that option only 25 years ago.

So, there are mowers and there are mowers! Choosing the right machine can be daunting and may come down to cost. The least expensive powered mower will be a simple, 21-inch cut, walk-behind mower.

And, the small mowers are perfectly fine for small lawns. When it takes more than about 30 minutes to get the job done, most homeowners move up to a self-propelled mower. For turf areas of 20,000 feet or more, a rider makes sense.

Lawn Mower Seats

Zero-turn mowers deliver fast, maneuverable mowing and can be the best choice where the lawn has numerous trees and landscaped beds.  For large, open areas, you can’t beat the tried and true garden tractor with a mower bed attached. If cost is the controlling factor, choices range from about $200 for a basic walk-behind the machine to several thousand dollars for the rider and tractor models.

If this is your year to buy a new mower, before taking the plunge, have a look around the neighborhood. Take a look at mowers others are using and get some first hand experienced feedback before buying. It also makes sense to check out mower service availability. While you may find a real deal at a mass merchandise store, if you can’t get it repaired, the small amount of money saved may not be worth it in the long run. Mower dealers, those who offer major brands and focus their businesses on mowers and lawn equipment specifically, will always be there to provide reliable service not if, but when the mower decides not to start or mal-functions and puts you out of the mowing business. Nothing is more frustrating than a mower breakdown in the heart of grass growing season. Every day without mowing is another half-inch of grass to clean up when the mower is repaired. So, if you have a fairly large lawn, a property requiring lots of mowing, who you buy from is every bit as important as the model mower you buy.

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