Lawn Mites in Denver, Colorado?

Lawn mites are a common destructive insect that will cause severe damage to your lawn in the Denver area. Learn how to control mites in CO.
How to Control and Prevent Lawn Mites in Denver

Lawn Mites In Denver, Colorado? Yes, They’re A Problem!

Did your lawn come out of the winter months looking brown, dry or even…dead? And are the bare/dry spots in your lawn not showing signs of recovering?

Unfortunately, the Denver area has become the host for a convention of lawn mites – who have decided to move into the area with millions of their friends. Lawns in the area have been become the chosen residence for many of these mites – who love to munch and crunch on lawn roots, making lawns look sick and brown and…terrible!

Lawn damage done by lawn mites can look like other types of damage – like damage done by fungus or other pests. The easiest way to tell if the damage was done by mites is to closely examine the grass blades – if you see little dark specs, it is likely to be mites.

It’s also important to note that lawn mites cannot tolerate moist conditions, so they love dry, hot places – so areas of the lawn that are exposed to the sun most of the day are more likely to attract the damaging buggers.

Preventing Mites
If you’ve already seen damage in your lawn, this advice may be in the category of ‘too little, too late’. But moving forward – or to prevent damage in the future – the best way to prevent mites is to keep your turf well-watered – especially in the dry winter months. Watering the lawn after the temperature hits 40°F is advisable; soak the lawn and give it time to absorb into the ground. Watering it especially heavily in areas that face the south and the west – areas that receive the direct sun – is also recommended. Continuing to keep the lawn well-watered is an effective strategy to keep the mites away.

Once Lawn Mites Have Moved In…How to Get Them to Move Out
Once mites have taken up residence in your lawn – bringing their huge number of families and friends with them – getting rid of them requires a lawn mite control program. These programs typically consist of monthly applications over the course of the drier periods but can be effective any time of the year.

A lawn mite control program applied by a great company will provide an effective solution to controlling lawn mites over the long haul. When combined with a regular watering schedule, mites become a thing of the past. A seeding program will then take care of those bare spots – getting your beautiful lawn back.

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