Robotic Lawn Mowers

While Robotic Lawn Mowers sound like a pretty cool option – there are some basic facts that one must consider when when purchasing robotic lawn mowers.
Robotic Lawn Mowers

Robotic Lawn Mowers On The Cutting Edge: Facts About

We’ve always enjoyed futuristic things at ExperiGreen Lawn Care. From science fiction to artificial intelligence to the latest in technological advances, if it’s futuristic – we’re interested!

So you can imagine our excitement when we started reading about robotic lawn mowers. After all, who truly enjoys mowing their lawn? Even more, who enjoys having to beg their kids to do it? Or to have to pay another company to do it – and incurring an ongoing weekly cost?

So the prospect of having a sleek cool looking robot do it for you is…tantalizing and fun!

What is the Reality of Robotic Lawn Mowers?
While Robotic Lawn Mowers sound like a pretty cool option for homeowners – there are some basic facts that one must consider when considering robotic lawn mowers. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Cost-Let’s be clear – robotic lawn mowers come with a four-digit price tag. Even then most basic no-frill option will have the homeowner spending $1,100. A mower with decent options will likely run you between $2,000 and $3,500. So that leads to the question: Is it worth it to pay the four-figure price tag associated with robotic lawn mowers?

The ongoing cost of maintaining the robotic lawn mower will be significantly less than a conventional mower. Upkeep costs are typically less than $50 per year for robotic lawn mowers.

Power & Process-Robotic lawn mowers are powered by rechargeable batteries and come with a charging station that can be plugged into any grounded outdoor or indoor outlet. They use very little energy to run and they do not release harmful emissions.

The mower comes with a reel of low voltage wire that you place around the perimeter of your yard. This invisible fence guides your lawn mower, keeping it within its set boundaries. In a sense, the mower communicates with the boundary wires, guiding it through its pathway in your yard. Eventually, the mower is programmed to learn your yard – and will stay within a very accurate course as it mows your lawn. The mower can be programmed through an onboard control panel – with some more expensive models allowing for programming through wi-fi, a smartphone, or Bluetooth technology.

Time-An average-priced, average-sized robotic mower will take approximately 3 hours to mow a 2,000 sq. ft. lawn that has a relatively straight configuration. This includes recharging time that will be needed once every 1-1.5 hours of average operation.

Other Considerations-The robotic mower is able to navigate accurately around trees, rocks, flower beds, and other in-lawn obstacles that many lawns have.

They are designed to operate safely around pets and children, with normal safety measures being applied that you would use if you were mowing the lawn in a conventional way.
Robotic lawn mowers can operate during rain or a precipitation event – although as with normal mowers, the softer turf can more readily be damaged by a mowing during rain.

So is a Robotic Lawn Mower Right for You?
This is something that only you can answer. While no doubt a robotic lawn mower will make you the talk – and the envy – of the neighborhood, the minuses might outweigh the benefits for you as you consider the options.

If You are Looking for Other Help with Your Lawn—ExperiGreen Lawn Care is Here!
Whether your lawn is mowed by a robot, a company, a family member, or you, ExperiGreen Lawn Care has a team of lawn care professionals ready to help you with your lawn care. We provide the following services to homeowners and businesses all across the country:

Lawn Fertilization – A regularly scheduled plan of providing lawn feedings, with different nutrient contents depending on season and location, produces the best results.

Weed Control – A weed is a ‘plant out of place’ – and they seem to love lawns, especially unhealthy lawns. When combined with lawn fertilization, a regularly scheduled plan of administering environmentally-friendly weed control measures to your lawn helps the grass in your lawn establish and maintain control – thus driving out the weeds.

Lawn Aeration – Imagine trying to take a breath if you were crammed into a compact car with 10 other people – exactly! A lawn needs room to breathe – overly compacted soil will suffocate your lawn, even overcoming the positive effects of lawn fertilization and weed control measures.

Grub Control – In addition to being a delicacy for skunks and raccoons who will dig up your lawn to get to these tasty morsels, grubs will point-blank kill your lawn. These little buggers have a voracious appetite, and one of their favorite nutrition sources is your lawn’s roots!

Contact ExperiGreen Lawn Care today with any questions or concerns you have about your lawn.

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