How To Get Through The ‘Dog Days’ Of Summer

Its summer and, well, it’s darned hot outside. Humid too! But you know, it doesn’t really have to be that way, especially in these uncertain times.
How to Get Through The Dog Days Of Summer -ExperiGreen

How Your Lawn Will Help You Get Through The “Dog Days” Of Summer

Its summer and, well, it’s darned hot outside. Humid too!

With temperatures soaring, the only people really happy about it are the kids splashing in the pool! Most of us are unaware of the serious cooling power of our home lawns. That’s right, the lawn. Temperatures on the lawn can be a full 15 or more degrees lower than surrounding concrete or asphalt surfaces.

And, not only do grass lawns lower temperatures, they filter impurities out of the air we breathe.

Lawn helps keep your home cooler in the summer.Lawn helps keep your home cooler in the summer.Fun Lawn Activities in the Summer

When you add to the natural cooling effect of turf, some fun with the garden hose, you’ve got a real hot weather option! And, if you have a Kentucky bluegrass lawn in the northern two-thirds of the country, even divots and other damaged areas resulting from play, can, over time, actually heal themselves, filling in damaged spots.

And the benefits never stop. Rather than having your kids playing in the street, think about the cushioning benefits of grass. Slide on it, bounce off it or just play on it and you have the perfect surface for all sorts of outdoor activities.

Fun Summer Activities

Don’t forget the family pooch! What is good for us, is good for the family pet, as well. No matter what sort of pet lives at your house, spending time in the back lawn is always a good thing.

As you try to stay occupied and mostly stay home right now, don’t forget the natural cooling power of your backyard oasis.  In these hot, humid, taxing days of summer, don’t sweat it [really?], get out there in the cool green grass and have a ball!

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