Lawns Improve Our Environment

Most would agree, nothing is more pleasing than a thick, cool carpet of green grass on a hot summer day. But there’s more to the story; thick, healthy lawns are very valuable in maintaining our environment.

Did you know that a lawn area of just 5,000 square feet can provide enough oxygen for an average sized family day in and day out all season long?

Grass acts as a filter, removing tons of contaminants from the air we breathe? Turf can also lower the ground level temperature as much as 20 degrees or more, when compared to the same location on concrete. Talk about a natural energy saver!

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What about the fact that healthy turf prevents soil erosion? At a time in our country when top soil is being lost at an alarming rate, grass is a real stabilizer and protector of soil around our homes as well as farm fields. Farmers often plant a border of turf around fields to hold the soil in place and minimize run-off into rivers, lakes and streams.

So weather you prefer the all natural approach or choose to hire a professional lawn care company to maintain your lawn, remember to consider the real facts about lawns and how they are unquestionably beneficial to our natural surroundings.

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