What Can I Do With Fall Leaves

Now that Fall has officially arrived, so have cool temperatures, shorter days, and you guessed it, leaves. Today we are going to talk about how to clean up fall leaves from your lawn the right way.
Best Ways To Cleanup Fall Leaves From Your Lawn

The Right Way To Clean Up Fall Leaves From Your Lawn This Season!

Now that Fall has officially arrived, so have cool temperatures, shorter days, and you guessed it, leaves. If you’re a property owner with a few or many trees it’s no surprise to you that raking or picking up leaves will be on your to-do list before winter. But did you know the main reason that trees lose their leaves is for protection? Deciduous trees (trees with leaves) go into dormancy over the winter.  If the leaves held on, they would lose too much water during winter which would cause damage. While the earth is great at recycling its resources to support its own health, it’s important to make sure we are doing our part in supporting our lawns health once these leaves fall.

While some experts believe leaves staying on lawns through winter is beneficial, it’s important to remember that excessive leaf matter can smother the grass and inhibit your lawns growth in the spring. This can also promote winter diseases like snow mold. So, with that being said, how should you remove the leaves on your lawn?

Blowers & VacuumsBlowers & VacuumsMowing & Bagging

Read below for some of our favorite tips on leaf removal this fall!

When shopping for a rake you will want to make sure you purchase a sturdy, long-handled, fan-shaped rake. This will scrape up leaves and other debris on your lawn, around your trees & shrubs, and even in your flower beds. Keep things easier by raking your leaves onto a tarp, then once you’re done you can easily dispose of the full pile.

These can definitely be the faster option, but it’s important to remember before you start yours up to remove any twigs, branches, or rocks from your lawn since this can cause damage to your blower or vacuum.

Mowing & Bagging

If you prefer to use your mower to bag your leaves, keep in mind its better to do this when the leaves are dry to slightly wet to avoid your mower becoming clogged.

Mulching your leaves with a mower can be extremely beneficial to your lawn.  Most leaves contain nitrogen which is the most important nutrient for your plants and lawn, so by mulching leaves into your lawn you’re essentially feeding your lawn at no additional cost!

When leaves aren’t removed from roofs or gutters, they can trap water and create premature deterioration to your roof or foundation. Making sure you’re clearing leaves from these areas ensures damage does not quietly occur during the winter and leave you with a bigger mess to clean up in the spring.

While there are many options for leaf removal, it’s important to research and use the correct tools to ensure you don’t find yourself in a bigger job than needed.

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