Fall Is The Best Time To Repair A Lawn

Fall is one of the best times to repair a grassy lawn because you will not have to water the lawn as much once the weather starts to cool.
Fall Is The Best Time To Repair Your Lawn

Fall Is The Best Time To Repair A Lawn

Nothing quite compares to that “spring is here” feeling we all get as winter fades away and we move from living rooms to the great outdoors. And, if you are like most folks, turning your winter-beaten lawn into a Spring showplace is near the top of the list of things to do.

And, while your lawn will, with a bit of TLC and fertilizer, recover nicely in Spring, Fall is actually the very best time to repair damage and equip your lawn for the rigors of winter.

How to Winterize Your Yard and Gardens in Fall

Here’s why:

First, summer is the most stressful time of the year for lawns. The impact of drought, turf destroying insects, fungus and unsightly weed invasions, leave lawns in tough shape. So, lawns need your help to regain their natural health and beauty. But shouldn’t I wait for that great spring weather? Actually no.

In the Fall, moderate daytime temperatures with cool nights provide excellent growing conditions for lawns.

Whether your lawn is severely damaged, requiring significant renovation or just an aeration and over-seeding to fill in thin areas, doing it in the Fall takes advantage of optimum conditions for new seed germination and root establishment. Well established new turf will tolerate winter conditions and emerge quickly next spring to continue thickening damaged areas. In other words, taking action in the Fall gives your lawn a real head-start in the repair process.

In addition, while lawn repair may be your focus, you can also clear out ugly broadleaf weeds in the fall! As long as weeds are actively growing, weed controls will be effective. So, again, why wait until Spring.

To learn more about Fall lawn care, click here.

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