Weed Wednesday Shepherd’s Purse

Wednesdays are for the weeds! Let’s take a deeper dive and learn more about how Shepherd's Purse (capsella bursa-pastoris) can affect your lawn this season.
Weed Wednesday Shepherd's Purse

Shepherd’s Purse In Home Lawns

Wednesdays are for the weeds! This weeks’ weed has been found in many parts of the world including, Europe, Asia, North America, & China. As far as wild plants go, this weed is the second most prolific wild plant in the world which explains why it has been found in so many areas. Scientists have referred to this plant as a “protocarnivore” because its seeds have been found to attract and eliminate roundworms to enrich the soil it grows from. Let’s take a deeper dive and learn more about how Shepherd’s Purse (capsella bursa-pastoris) can affect your lawn this season.

Shepherd's Purse Weed on Home LawnShepherd's Purse Weed on Home LawnIdentifying Shepherd's Purse Weed Flower

This winter annual flowering weed, that germinates in the fall through early spring, prefers disturbed soil in many different growing areas. Shepherd’s Purse grows between 3 to 6 inches long and will form a rosette with tall stems. The leaves range from smooth to deeply lobed as the plant matures. Once mature, it will produce tiny four-petaled white flowers with seeds.  Shepherd’s Purse reproduces by seeds which is where its name originates from.

The seed pods have a close resemblance to purses shepherds in Europe & Asia would carry. Once the heart shape seeds pods burst, they release seeds that can easily plant into the soil or even take a ride on the coats of animals or feathers of birds. If the plant lives in poor nutrient areas, it is known to trap and digest insects. Shepherd’s Purse will then use this meal to provide nutrients to its seedlings which will only help further reproduction. Because it spreads by these seeds, the plant, fortunately, will die off quickly once the seed head is produced.

The issue you then face is the seeds distributing throughout your lawn and easily creating new plants. The best control method for Shepherd’s Purse is a healthy, active growing lawn. Lawns that have thin or bare areas can become the perfect environment for this weed to grow so Aeration & Overseeding in the fall before seed germination occurs is vital. That’s where we come in.

Shepherd's Purse Weed Flower

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Shepherd’s Purse Map

Shepherd's Purse Weed Map

Photo Credit: USDA

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