Weed Wednesday Burweed

This week we want to talk about a prickly low growing weed you may be seeing now; Burweed (Soliva Sessilis).
Weed Wednesday Burweed

Burweed In Home Lawns

Welcome back to another Weed Wednesday! This week we want to talk about a prickly low growing weed you may be seeing now; Burweed (Soliva Sessilis). This sneaky weed originated in South America but is now widely known across the world. Also known as spurweed or sticker weed, this small weed can stick to your clothes due to the burrs it produces.

This winter annual weed, which germinates in early fall through early spring, has become an invasive species in home lawns across the US.

Burweed in Home LawnsBurweed in Home LawnsHow To Get Rid Of Burweed

Burweed is low growing meaning it can sometimes blend in with your grass due to how low it grows to the ground. Individual plants can form in a mat and spread up to a foot in diameter.  It reproduces from seeds in the early spring which then form spine-tipped burs which may be hard to see but are easily felt. Its sparsely hairy leaves are divided into two sections or lobes that will produce small purple blooming flowers. Since this weed germinates in the fall it will remain small during the winter months. Once temperatures begin to rise the plant will enter a rapid growth period and becomes very visible in your lawn by sight or by the slight sting you may feel if you walk through it.

How To Get Rid Of Burweed

Maintaining a healthy dense lawn is vital in avoiding this weed taking over. If you do notice this weed growing, the best & easiest method for control begins in the wintertime before burs and seed become an issue. If it is allowed to grow into the springtime, multiple weed control treatments may be required to gain control and eliminate it. That’s where we come in.

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