How To Shovel Snow Safely This Winter

How To Shovel Snow Safely This Winter

According to Dr. Patrick Skerret, far too many Americans die each and every winter because they do not follow a few basic recommendations for safely shoveling snow. Literally dozens of people die each winter, and most, if not all of it is preventable! Below are basic recommendations for safe shoveling.How to shovel snow safely

First, if you live in an area, prone to multiple, heavy snowfalls, why not consider a snow blower? For the price of an every-day, walk-behind lawnmower, you can purchase a reliable snowblower. And, the good news is, many models are equipped with electric starters, eliminating the need to repeatedly pull the starter cord in cold weather.

If you are committed to shoveling, here are the recommendations that can save your life:

  1. Be clearly aware, if you are NOT accustomed to frequent, physical exercise, your chances of having a heart attack are significantly higher than a person in good physical shape.
  2. No matter your physical condition, it makes sense to take it slow; shovel for a few minutes, then take a break, let your heart rest periodically.
  3. Push the snow forward and out of the way vs. continually lifting shovels full of heavy snow. The strain on your heart is much, much less.
  4. Try not to shovel heavy, wet snow. If you must; hire the neighborhood kid to give you a hand.
  5. When lifting, bend at the knees. Try not to bend over, putting all the strain on your lower back.
  6. Do not work to the point of exhaustion. No matter how many breaks you take, shoveling a long driveway can be like climbing a mountain. If you are like most of us, you won’t want to stop until the job is finished. Think about it; is finishing the job in one shoveling session worth your life?

To read Dr. Skerret’s comments and recommendations in more detail, click here. Don’t let yourself become one of this snow season’s statistics.