Weed Wednesday: Buckhorn Plantain

While it originated in Asia & North Africa, Buckhorn Plantain found its way to North America after being brought over by early European settlers.
Weed Wednesday Buckhorn Plantain

Weed Wednesday: Buckhorn Plantain

Happy Weed Wednesday! This week we want to talk about a cool-season perennial weed called Buckhorn Plantain. While it originated in Asia & North Africa, it found its way to North America after being brought over by early European settlers. It was thought to have a wide variety of medicinal uses for wounds and even insect bites back in the day. In modern times, it is seen as a nuisance weed and not something most homeowners want to see in their lawns.

Buckhorn Plantain in LawnsBuckhorn Plantain in LawnsBuckhorn Plantain Weed Control

While this weed has a lot of close relatives and names, it does show various differences from the broadleaf plantain. It grows from 1 large central root (taproot) and has long narrow football-shaped leaves that can grow 3 to 12 inches in length. It typically flowers from May-October and will produce a tall upright flower stalk that can measure 12-18 inches in length. At the top of this stalk there are dense spiked white flowers. If the weed is allowed to remain intact it’s seeds will remain most of winter, which can contribute to an even larger infestation the following growing season. 

Buckhorn Plantain Weed Control

While it is most common in dry soil, it can grow in a wide variety of areas making it a very adaptable weed.  Good maintenance habits when mowing and watering can slow the spread of this weed. This paired with maintaining a healthy, dense lawn and healthy soil can help prevent growth.  That’s where we come in.

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Buckhorn Plantain Weed Map

Buckhorn Plantain Weed Map

Photo Credit: EDD Maps

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