Weed Control 101

The term ‘weed control’ can have several meanings. For most homeowners, controlling weeds boils down to solving a couple of problems:
Weed Control 101 ExperiGreen Lawn Care

Weed Control 101

The term ‘weed control’ can have several meanings. For most homeowners, controlling weeds boils down to solving a couple of problems: first, how can I get rid of the dandelions and other small, ugly weeds in my lawn and, how can I control crabgrass and similar grassy weeds?

There are two types of weed controls, pre-emergent, meaning applied before the weed emerges and begins to grow, and post-emergent, treating the weed when it is up and actively growing.

Many homeowners are confused about the above treatment methods and believe that a dandelion, a broadleaf weed, can be prevented. That is wrong. The vast majority of broadleaf weeds, like dandelion, chickweed, thistle, buckhorn, etc. must be treated post-emergently, when they are active.

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The confusion may have started, as a result of our ability to prevent most crabgrass and other grassy weeds. The difference is, whereas most broadleaf weeds, called dicots, are perennial, living more than one season, are already alive and present in the soil, they cannot be prevented from growing.

Most grassy weeds, called monocots, on the other hand, sprout from seed every spring and live only one year [in the northern US]. So, while we cannot prevent a dandelion from popping up in the spring, by applying a chemical barrier to the soil before weeds germinate and begin to grow, we can prevent the spread of annual grassy weeds like crabgrass.

The question of how to control weeds, depends, then, on what type of plant it is, annual grassy weed or perennial broadleaf weed. For each type of weed, our ExperiGreen program includes the latest and most effective controls available anywhere. And they are very effective!

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How can I tell the weed control is working?

As the control material is taken up by the weed, either through the foliage and/or the roots, it is translocated throughout the plant, all the way down to the tap root.

After a period of 3-5 days, leaves should begin to curl and grow unevenly. This curling and shrinking will continue for up to four weeks before the weed is completely killed.

If you do not see curling in a week, call your ExperiGreen office and we will take care of the problem at no cost.

Tip: To minimize ugly weeds, mow tall. Smart homeowners have learned that the taller the grass blade canopy over the soil, the fewer weeds will emerge. So, to a large extent, you can control most weeds through smart mowing.

With a wide range of programs & services, ExperiGreen has your lawn and pest problems covered this season. Click the link here for your free estimate so a mild winter is the least of your worries this season!

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