Preparing Your Lawn for Thanksgiving

With only a few weeks left remaining of fall and thanksgiving right around the corner, have you prepared your lawn for cold temperatures, ice, and snow?
Preparing Your Lawn for Thanksgiving 2022

Best Tips To Prepare Your Lawn For Thanksgiving

With only a few weeks left remaining of fall and thanksgiving right around the corner, have you prepared your lawn for cold temperatures, ice, and snow? Prepping your lawn for winter now will give you less work to do in the spring and help your lawn bounce back from its winter nap. Here are a few ways you can make sure your lawn is ready for winter by Thanksgiving.

Winterizer- Preparing your lawn for winter can be one of the biggest benefits you do for your lawn all season. Winterizer fertilizer is specifically formulated to release Nitrogen into your lawns’ root system throughout winter. Since your lawn is entering its dormancy stage and growth will slow, ensuring it is still receiving proper nutrients will help it maintain its health, avoid winter lawn diseases, and “green up” quicker in the spring.

Soil Amendment- Your lawns soil is its biggest support system. If your soil pH is unbalance or less than optimum, it can lead to your lawn not properly receiving nutrients from fertilizer, water, and oxygen. Applying a Soil Amendment, like Lime or Sulfur in certain cases, in the fall will help balance these elements to make sure your soil is supporting your grass through its winter dormancy.

Fall Aeration- As an annually recommended service, having a Fall Aeration performed before winter has a long list of benefits. Throughout the growing season, the thatch layer of your lawn will constantly grow. Heavy thatch layers can prevent nutrients, water, and sunlight from penetrating the root system. Relieving this thatch layer and easing compaction will improve the overall health and appearance of your lawn.

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Landscape– Did you know creating beautiful landscaping on your property can increase the value by as much as 15%? Fall is one of the best times to up your landscaping game as Mother Nature provides beautiful fall colors from your trees and plants. Selecting colorful trees, flowers, or shrubs not only benefits your property’s value but gives you a jump on your landscaping for spring. Adding decorations like pumpkins, gourds, or even hay bales can give you the fall & Thanksgiving aesthetic perfect for this time of year.

Raking– Raking can be one of the biggest headaches for homeowners in the fall. While leaves will change color and fall seemingly overnight, you may find yourself having to rake more than one time. Leaving a large layer of leaves on your lawn can smother your grass. This can make it harder for your lawn to receive sunlight, oxygen, and water. While raking can be a physically demanding task, using a mower to mulch your leaves can speed up the removal process.

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Fall Planting- With cooler evening temperatures, warm days, and moist soil conditions, planting trees and shrubs during the fall promotes rapid root growth which will help your plants become firmly established before winter. It’s important to know how to successfully install your plants and what kind of after care they will need to ensure its survival during winter. Click here to learn how.


As always, a lawn that is healthy makes it much easier to combat any potential stress it may face throughout the year. Even though your lawn is going into its dormancy stage it still needs your support to make sure it rebounds in the spring. ExperiGreen Lawn Care’s fertilization and weed control programs will ensure your lawn gets healthy and stays healthy all year round. Click here to learn more about our programs and how our experts will ensure you have the lawn you deserve. After all, you have better things to do.

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