Landscaping The Front Yard

Make a huge curb appeal with the right plants, flowers and landscaping with these simple but effective front yard landscape ideas.
Its Time To Start Landscaping The Front Yard

10 Simple Yet Effective Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

No doubt, landscaping the front lawn will deliver all sorts of benefits; from simply creating beauty and framing in your home with color and shape, to increasing the value of your property by as much as 15%. And, while landscaping can be expensive, it need not break the bank.  Here are 10 ideas, options to consider when thinking about how to landscape the front yard.

10 Front Yard Landscaping Ideas;

Foundation plantings set the house off. Make the beds wide enough to accommodate tiered plantings that lead the eye to the home itself.

No lawn, yes, no lawn is an option. While it is typically not the first choice of most homeowners, in parts of the country where water can be a scarce commodity, there may be situations in which landscape plants can adequately replace turf grass. In place of grass, rocks and pebble beds are the obvious choice.

Lighting can make all the difference. Solar or electrically powered on timers, accent lighting, if properly planned and installed, can create a magical aura around the home in the evening. Neighbors will remark at the beautiful effects that can be created. Consult lighting providers for design ideas.

Simple But Effective Fall Front Yard Landscaping IdeasSimple But Effective Fall Front Yard Landscaping IdeasSimple Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

Selecting colorful trees can be just the ticket for accenting the color of your home and other plants. And, when considering which colorful, flowering trees to plant, select those that bloom and provide color on a staggered schedule, vs all at the same time.

Think about more than the front entrance. Using landscape plants, flowers and shrubs can turn an uninteresting entryway into a beautiful addition to the front door. Side doors enhanced with bordering plants will make a big difference.

Often, to up the odds of planting success and sustainability, using natural plants makes sense. Local, native varieties stand the very best chance of surviving summer, winter, and stressful conditions.

Using pilasters can augment the right landscape. Certainly not for every lawn area, pilasters, set properly next to tall or larger shrubs will create a larger, more established look.

Pergolas and other structures, often sporting covering vines can be real eye-catchers. In addition, plant-covered portals are often used to provide outdoor sitting areas in and around gardens.

When planning hardscape details, think about the color. Gray, cement-like materials are not the only choice. Varying the color of your hardscape materials can provide a wonderful and unexpected contrast to trees, shrubs, and flower beds.

Large urns make perfect accent pieces when placed strategically next to steps or walks near the front entrance. Use urns, packed with colorful annuals to literally light-up the entrance to your home.

For pictures and more details on landscaping the front lawn, click here.

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