Weed Wednesday Orchardgrass

Tis the season for weeds! Spring has officially sprung and that means it is weed season. This week we will talk about Orchardgrass.
Weed Wednesday Orchardgrass

Orchardgrass In Home Lawns

It is the season for weeds! Spring has officially sprung and that means it is weed season. This week we want to talk about the first grassy weed on our list that loves cool weather. It is found widely throughout the US but also has been found in Europe, Asia, & Northern Africa. It is commonly used as pasture grass but for home lawns is known as an invasive species. While it is known by other names, you most likely know it as Orchardgrass (dactylis glomerata).

Orchardgrass on Home Lawn CloseupOrchardgrass on Home Lawn CloseupOrchardgrass Weed Control

This cool-season perennial grassy weed, which continues to regrow over many seasons, prefers to grow in dry soil. Orchardgrass is considered a bunchgrass meaning that it grows in singular clumps or bunches rather than forming sod or a lawn. Because it falls into the bunchgrass category, it is fire resistant which can help stop wildfires. It can grow up to 4 feet tall and has an extensive fibrous root system. It is easily recognizable by its flattened stems that can either be erect or bent at its base. Its leaves can grow up to 10” long and are green and hairless while closely resembling the appearance of its stems. 

Orchardgrass Weed Control

Orchardgrass reproduces by seeds that can easily be dispersed into the surrounding areas of your lawn. Flowers typically appear June-September and have a distinctive triangular shape which is either green or reddish-purple. The best way to avoid this grassy weed from growing in your lawn is to make sure you have balanced pH levels in your soil. Applying the proper amount of nitrogen and nutrients at the correct time will support the health of your lawn ensuring your turf is thick and dense and has no room for weeds to grow or thrive. That’s where we come in.

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Orchardgrass Map

Orchardgrass Weed Map

Photo Credit: Invasive Plant Atlas

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