Weed Wednesday Buttonweed

Today we will talk about Buttonweed. Buttonweed grows along the ground with stems that root and have intersecting hairy nodes.
Weed Wednesday Buttonweed

Buttonweed In Home Lawns

It’s Wednesday again, which means another weed! This perennial weed is native to the US and considered to be one of the most invasive weeds in North & South Carolina that you may see. While it may cause issues in southern lawns, it is also known in just about every state throughout the US and even in China! You guessed, it Buttonweed (Diodia Virginiana.)

This perennial broadleaf weed, which continues to regrow over a few seasons, often grows in home lawns and moist wet areas. Buttonweed grows along the ground with stems that root and have intersecting hairy nodes.

Buttonweed in Home LawnsButtonweed in Home LawnsButtonweed Flower

Its thick green leaves grow on opposite sides of each other and will sometimes show yellow molting from a virus that is common among this weed. If able to bloom, Buttonweed produces white star-shaped flowers that can also have pink streaks through the center. It produces thick, flat, dark green seeds that are typically lighter green underneath. Like many other weeds, seeds are not the only way Button weed can reproduce. Fragments from the stem and roots help this weed continue to grow in your lawn making control difficult. It is very common that when a homeowner sees this weed that they want to pull it by hand.

Buttonweed Flower

Unfortunately, this has proven to be ineffective because any plant matter left behind can quickly reestablish a whole new plant. Like many other control methods, a healthy dense lawn can create environments that are not favorable to invasive weeds such as Button weed. Deep and infrequent irrigation will encourage your grasses root development which improves your lawn’s ability to fight weed infestations. Although these are good cultural practices, the best method for control is a consistent weed control program. That’s where we come in.

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Buttonweed Map

Buttonweed Map

Photo Credit: Domyown.com

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