Unhealthy Soil: What Can You Do?

Soil can easily turn unhealthy and hard if you frequently walk on grass. Compacted soil is a problem as nutrients and water cannot reach the plant's roots.
How To Get Healthy Soil & Grow a Beautiful Lawn

How To Get Healthy Soil & Grow A Beautiful Lawn

Many things can impact the overall health of your lawn throughout the growing season. From drought and heat stress, insect damage, and disease your lawn can have a hard time surviving. One of the main factors for ensuring you have beautiful green grass is ensuring the soil it lives in is healthy. When your soil is not able to effectively absorb nutrients due to the acidity levels it is time for a soil amendment.

Most types of grass grows best when they have a pH between 6 and 7. If the pH of your lawn is below 5.5, lawn growth gets stunted and the health of the lawn can be compromised. Adding lime to your soil reduces the acidity levels of the lawn.

When you have a regular fertilization program in place putting a soil amendment on your lawn only helps improve the fertilizer to do its job resulting in a healthy, green, and lush lawn.

To learn more about soil amendments and it’s benefits click here.

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