Planting Trees In The Fall

The fall season is the perfect time to plant trees. Planting in the fall gives trees an extra growing season before the stress of summer.
Tree-Planting Tips for Fall

Why It’s Great To Plant Trees In The Fall

If you are planning to plant trees, choose moderate sized plants that will establish easily; including maple, sycamore, hawthorn and horse chestnut. Pine and spruce should be planted by early October for best results.If you are planting container stock, be sure the plant looks really vibrant and healthy with no off-color or drooping leaves.

To save yourself and the tree, be sure you are fully aware of the tree’s eventual size. Too often, in an attempt to give the planting site a more mature, filled-in look, trees are planted far too close together. As they grow and spread, often growing into and over each other, pruning is necessary to preserve healthy growth. And, the resulting clash of branches can ruin the overall aesthetic appearance of your trees. It makes sense to plant them at the proper distance, one from another, in the first place.

Be sure to plant the tree properly:

Dig the hole deep enough to accommodate the root ball but not deeper. Planting too deeply can lead to plant death.

Dig the hole 2-3 times wider than the tree’s root mass.

Gently loosen roots that may have been wrapped tightly at the nursery.

The trunk flare should rest an inch or two above ground level to ensure proper drainage.

If the site soil is too sandy or pure clay, mix in peat moss or compost.

Water the planting halfway through the back fill process and again on completion.

Apply “starter” fertilizer, made for newly transplanted trees and shrubs to encourage quick root establishment.

For more detailed planting information, click here.

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