Mushrooms: Friend or Foe?

“Where are these mushrooms coming from? I just mowed the lawn and saw none; now they are growing all over the place.”

Did you know mushrooms actually indicate good soil health? They are the fruiting bodies of fungus. Under the right conditions, wet, humid weather and lots of shade conditions are right for the spread of fungus. Though harmless, most homeowners dislike the sight of those slimy looking, gray structures, sprouting up around the home.

Often, mushrooms appear in a circular pattern that can range in diameter from a few feet to large areas.
These circles or “Fairy Rings” are produced by decomposing organic matter under the soil surface.

“Fairy Ring”

A rotting tree stump, left behind as land was cleared for home building or a decaying fence post; any decomposing organic source can send up mushrooms.
No chemical treatment is recommended to control mushrooms.
Since they are dependent on just the right conditions to grow, they typically don’t stick around for extended periods. The easiest way to rid your lawn of mushrooms is simply to knock them over with a broom or rake; or just kick the tops off with your foot. Often, with less than the required nitrogen to re-grow, they don’t return.

While there are plenty of frustrating eliments that can effect your lawn in, mushrooms, while unsightly, should not be put on your top ten list!

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