Fall Weed Control

Fall Weed Control

Another summer is winding down. Unfortunately, it is not the end of weed season. With fall weather, broadleaf weeds of all sorts can continue to flourish and spread in your lawn.What many homeowners don’t know is that weeds can be effectively controlled in the fall. In fact, as long as the weed is actively growing, the right control material will clear them out. Just think about this; every weed controlled in the fall is one less ugly weed you will see next spring.Fall lawn care for weeds

It works like this; weed controls, most effectively applied as a liquid spray, stick to the weed’s leaf surface. As the weed grows, the material is taken into the leaf blade and trans-located into and throughout the entire plant, including the root. In this way, the entire weed is controlled and will not re-appear next spring.

Bottom line, it makes good sense to continue weed control applications into the fall.If you choose to do the job yourself, be sure to choose the right post emergent control product. Then, you will want to confirm the application rate and accuracy of your spray equipment.

Or, as many homeowners have found, letting a lawn care pro do the job is a whole lot easier!

If you choose a service, remember, there is no substitute for experience. The best results are the product of the best practices. Place your trust in a service you believe will do the job right the first time.

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