Fall Pre-Emergent on Bermudagrass Lawns

Fall Pre-Emergent on Bermudagrass Lawns

Nothing is more unsightly than a dormant brown Bermudagrass home lawn, full of fast-growing, green weeds in the winter. Some have likened it to looking like a lawn with chickenpox!

In addition to preventing crabgrass, home lawns of Bermudagrass can be protected from invasions of winter weeds like poa annua [annual bluegrass], spotted spurge, chickweed and henbit. By applying a pre-emergent barrier in September and October, even into early November, these troublesome winter weeds can be prevented and controlled.Best pre-emergent for bermuda grass in the Fall

Most research guidelines advise making the preventive application through October, while soil temperatures at a depth of two inches are still approximately 70 degrees but falling. In other words, if you know when to make the application and what to apply, you need not be subjected to ugly winter weeds.

No matter whether you choose to apply pre-emergent products yourself or hire a reputable lawn care service, for best results, following the application, be sure to water the material into the top inch of soil. With the pre-emergent barrier in place before winter weeds germinate, they will be controlled as they sprout.

Remember, if your winter weed preventive application is to be effective, applying the right product, at the proper rate, evenly and at the right time is a must. This means using the right product and applicator. Applying products unevenly and at the wrong rate will reduce effectiveness every time.

Hiring an experienced, professional lawn service may be your best choice.