Top Fall Landscaping Tips

Make your life easier in the spring by being proactive in the fall! Check out these landscaping tips for getting your lawn ready for winter.
How to Winterize Your Yard and Gardens in Fall

Top Fall Landscaping Tips To Get Your Lawn Ready For Winter

Many home and business owners assume that the arrival of autumn means they are done with lawn care maintenance. Not true! Taking care of your lawn, beds, and gardens is even more critical when the weather starts to cool. Fall landscaping is important to get your property ready for whatever Mother Nature has in store for us this winter.

While maintenance routines will change with the seasons, fall isn’t a time to sit back. There’s still plenty of preparation for your property ahead of the colder months. Following a few simple fall landscaping tips can prepare your property for winter. These tips will even help keep your lawn healthy and robust until next spring.

Continue Watering and Mowing

Autumn means we no longer have to worry about battling drought conditions. However, it’s still important to keep watering your yard throughout the fall. Once you’ve finished watering for the season, be sure to winterize your irrigation system. This will protect your lines from freezing and prevent costly repair expenses.

Additionally, you’ll want to continue mowing your lawn. Drop your lawn mower blade to its lowest setting as you approach the end of autumn. Cutting your grass short will help it absorb more sunlight once winter arrives.

Fall aeration offers your yard several critical benefits. Proper ventilation during the cooler months breaks up compacted soil, allowing water, oxygen, and fertilizers to penetrate the ground and reach the root system quickly. Additionally, the removed soil plugs naturally decompose, delivering extra vital nutrients throughout your lawn.

Most people assume that once summer ends, they no longer have to fertilize their lawns. However, fall fertilization nourishes the soil, stimulating root growth and expediting access to nutrients. Not only should you fertilize your lawn, but you should also fertilize your trees and shrubs during the fall for an added layer of protection throughout the winter.

As the temperatures begin to decrease, you may begin to notice bare or sparse areas scattered throughout your lawn. Don’t go into winter without filling in the bald spots on your property. Overseeding can quickly generate a thick, green lawn as well as help boost your plants’ immune systems to fight off future diseases.

Prep Perennials
The colder weather causes many plants to die from various diseases. Cutting back the stems of your perennials (about an inch or two from the ground) can help save them from dying and ensure they come back in the spring. Once you’ve trimmed your trees and shrubs back, spread mulch to discourage animals and pests from making a meal of your ornamental plantings.

Weed Control
Broadleaf weeds can run rampant throughout the summertime. However, the cooler temps give you the upper hand in the battle against dandelions and a multitude of other unwanted growth species. Applying a fall herbicide not only eliminates the weeds you have now but also prevents them from returning in the spring.

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