How a Moderate 2021 Winter Affects Your 2022 Lawn

It's interesting to see how the effects of a moderate 2021 winter on your lawn carry over into the following year. The effects will differ depending on where you live. Here everything you need to know.
How The Effects of a Moderate 2021 Winter Effects Your 2022 Lawn

How The Effects Of A Moderate 2021 Winter Effects Your 2022 Lawn

With Summer right around the corner, we hate to say it but the lingering effects of more than mild winter are currently impacting lawns and insect populations. While overall moisture, in the form of rain and snow were at or above normal levels, nighttime temperatures were also above average in January and February in some regions. Because of warmer temperatures, even with winter fading into Spring the impact of these milder conditions has manifested in a couple of ways.

Everything seems to be happening quicker, sooner than in years past. Lawns are turning greener earlier which results in weeds sooner, possible lawn disease, and the need for homeowners to get out their mowers and rakes to begin clean-up for another season.

When your lawns green-up, weeds are not far behind! So, early sightings of dandelions and other early spring broadleaf & grassy weeds have been common. Weed control is on the top of our ExperiGreen priority list, as we move into spring.

Lawn Weeds & Lawn DiseaseLawn Weeds & Lawn DiseaseLawn Mosquitoes & Bug, Insect Control

For lawn enthusiasts, the result of a moderate winter has been mostly positive. Before we celebrate the early spring growing season too quickly, we should be aware that during moderate winters, with higher-than-normal low temps, fewer over-wintering insects like Fleas  & Ticks, Surface Feeding Insects, Ants & Spiders to name a few, are not killed off. When this occurs, you can expect increased late spring and summer insect activity and subsequent damage.

Warmer weather paired with humidity and moisture also creates the perfect environment for you guessed it; Mosquitoes! Check out ExperiGreen’s Mosquito Control Program here so you can stay protected.

With a wide range of programs & services, ExperiGreen has your lawn and pest problems covered this season. Click the link here for your free estimate so a mild winter is the least of your worries this season!

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