Innovative Tree & Shrub Services


Innovative Tree & Shrub Services
for Denver & Charlotte


At ExperiGreen, we recognize that the trees and shrubs on your property represent one of the biggest investments you’ll make to your outdoor space. Healthy landscapes beautify your property, protect your house perimeter from heavy precipitation and high winds and improve the air quality in your yard.

Your large ornamental plantings directly contribute to the overall assessment of your property, boosting resale value by as much as 15%. This makes proactive, consistent care essential to sustain the longevity and health of these outside assets.

Let EExperiGreen Lawn CareperiGreen’s Professionals Protect Your Ornamental Plantings


Many home and business owners assume their trees and shrubs are care free and grow on their own. They may only require professional attention once a noticeable problem arises. Unfortunately, this often isn’t the case. Every day your large plants battle a multitude of potential risks and threats, including:

  • Pest infestations
  • Disease
  • Drought conditions
  • Poor soil
  • High winds

Don’t wait until your trees and shrubs start to fail – partner with ExperiGreen and our professional tree and shrub program. It is specifically designed to protect your ornamental plantings, keeping everything on your property healthy, strong, and thriving.

A Special Offer So Good You’ll be Shocked

Take Advantage Of Our Introductory Offer

$49.95* for an initial root zone fertilization

ExperiGreen is currently running a tree and shrub introductory offer: $49.95* for an initial root zone fertilization.

*Good for up to 2000 square feet of landscape plants and requiring no further obligation.

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Get To Know Our Tree And Shrub Process


At ExperiGreen, we know that no two properties are alike; that’s why we customize our tree and shrub program based on the specific needs of your landscape.

Before we even start your program, an ExperiGreen expert will visit your property to identify and evaluate all of your valuable trees & shrubs. We personalize our approach based on numerous key components, such as soil type, sunlight, mulch depth, plant type and susceptibility to insect, mite and disease problems. These are just some of the many elements we evaluate before putting together a final tree and shrub program proposal that promotes the best results possible.

With every ExperiGreen treatment, you can expect:

Landscape Inspection

While we’re onsite, ExperiGreen will carefully evaluate your landscape plantings to assess current health status, signs of potential diseases, seasonal problems, and other conditions that may be hindering growth and vitality such as:

  • Mulching too deep
  • Insufficient watering
  • Girdling roots
  • Pest problems

Protective Treatments

Our trained technicians will treat the foliage of your shrubs and trees to reduce the threat of leaf-eating insects that can quickly ravage even the healthiest vegetation. We also protect against many leaf diseases that can defoliate your plants, causing them stress and ruin their look and aesthetics.

Root Zone Fertilizations

Fertilization is key to maintaining and beautifying your landscape plants. In most urban and suburban settings, soil quality is very poor, with top soil scraped away. This leaves your trees and shrubs highly vulnerable to poor growth, poor quality flowering and off-color leaves.

We perform this key fertilization, two times per year; spring and fall. We use only professional liquid fertilizers that are either injected into the soil, below your grass or drenched on your plants root zones in ornamental beds. The result? Bigger, healthier leaves and flowers, fuller, greener and more vibrant plants.

We’ll provide detailed notes with your invoice after each treatment, so you know exactly what’s going on in your yard.

Follow-Up Consultation

If we notice an issue during our onsite assessment, your ExperiGreen professional will consult with you to detail the potential problem and outline a course of action.

Want to create a more personalized plan?


Call us directly at the office nearest to you! A local lawn specialist is looking forward to hearing from you.