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Lawn Care in Denver CO

As a locally owned and operated business, ExperiGreen doesn’t just know lawns – we know Denver lawns and landscapes.

Our weather patterns have a direct impact on the health, strength, and longevity of our valuable outdoor spaces. Our professional Lawn Care and Tree & Shrub care technicians understand that your yard and landscape is continuously battling numerous unique conditions specific to the greater Denver, including:

  • Arid Climate – Did you know we average only about 15 inches of rainfall per year?
  • Temperature Extremes – You know Denver weather; 80 degrees one day and down to 30 degrees the
    next. This is very hard on lawns and landscapes!
  • Rocky, mineral soils – Alkaline, high pH soils present yet another challenge

All these facts add up to Denver being considered a high plains desert area. The lack of precipitation, coupled with seasons of exceptionally high and low temperature fluctuations can quickly wreak havoc on even the hardiest lawns, beds, and gardens.

ExperiGreen Lawn Care Program: What To Expect

At ExperiGreen, we develop customized lawn care solutions specifically designed for success on Denver turf. Our comprehensive lawn program effectively combats our many weeds and pests that wreak havoc on your lawn and helps it thrive in the harsh, regional weather conditions unique to the Denver area. We strengthen your lawn from root to tip for thick, green, robust grass capable of withstanding anything Mother Nature can throw at it.

ExperiGreen develop a personalized care plan for your ‘Denver lawn’ that may include:

  • Fertilization
  • Pre-emergent Crabgrass and Other Grassy Weed controls
  • Highly Effective Broadleaf Weed Controls

Optional Beneficial Treatments:

  • Preventive and Curative Grub Treatment
  • Aeration and Overseeding
  • Lawn Disease and Lawn Mite applications

Rock Bed Weed Control in Denver CO

ExperiGreen’s Professional Tree & Shrub Care Program

The low average rainfall and temperature extremes are serious issues for valuable trees and shrubs. Most of the ornamental plants in Denver area landscapes are not native to the area. They need extra care, like root zone fertilizations and insect, mite and disease prevention and control. Denver area receives 5-6 scheduled treatments based on need and weather factors.

Our professionals will:

  • Inspect and analyze your landscape
  • Identify your ornamental plants and the pests or issues that affect them
  • Create a plan that includes regular root zone fertilizations, insect, mite and disease controls
    tailored to your landscape
  • Monitor and consult with you on the progress along the way

A well-maintained lawn and landscape can add up to 15% of the value of your home. Enhance, beautify and protect your important investment today with ExperiGreen Professional Tree & Shrub Care

ExperiGreen’s Full Rock Bed Weed Control Service

The majority of Denver homes have significant rock beds as part of their landscapes. Coupled with a healthy lawn and landscape, rock beds can be a beautiful and low maintenance accent to the overall look of your home. But…there is a catch. Weeds! Weeds can quickly invade and diminish or even ruin the aesthetics of your landscape. ExperiGreen has the answer!

Our full rock bed weed control service is a four-application solution that:

  • Targets Weeds Before They Emerge – We prevent the weeds before they can gain a foothold
  • Active Weed Control – Nothing will prevent 100% of weeds. This is why we come back on a regular basis to control any stubborn weeds that break through or pop up over the growing season.

Our program will reduce and minimize weeds in your landscape beds before they have a chance to take root and take over! Our team will come back at regular intervals to inspect, monitor, and control rogue weeds using our highly effective products so your ornamental landscapes look their very best at all times.

We’re A Denver Lawn Care Firm With National Support

Best of all, we aren’t just a leading Denver lawn and turf care provider; our branch is also nationally supported by ExperiGreen. This means our customers get regional-specific services and personalized attention, yet still enjoy the competitive pricing offered by a larger company with a national presence for the ultimate client win/win.

Ready to get started? Contact ExperiGreen today for a no-obligation price quote & consultation for your Denver property. Ask about our special Introductory Offer!

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