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ExperiGreen is proud to offer Revive® organic-based fertilizer treatment.

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Revive® is an organic-based soil treatment made from a combination of soil wetting agents, natural organic lignosulfonates and iron.

Revive® From ExperiGreen Lawn Care Denver, CO

Revive® is an organic-based fertilizer and soil treatment specially formulated for Denver area lawns.  Our soils tend to be mineral-based with heavy clay that makes water penetration and retention difficult.  Revive® gently feeds your lawn and also “conditions” the soil so water penetrates more effectively which allows your grass to utilize and retain the water, especially in the hot, dry Colorado summer.

Revive® Application

What makes ExperiGreen different?  Why choose ExperiGreen?  Other Denver area lawn and landscape care companies may offer Revive® , but none of them can match our unique program. We incorporate Revive® as well as other organic and natural based fertilizers and nutrients that feed your lawn and help it survive and thrive in the hot, dry Denver summers. We apply Revive® at just the right time along with our professional fertilizers to ensure your lawn stays green and healthy all season long.

Revive® and ExperiGreen Make A Greener, Healthier Lawn

Revive® applications paired with the ExperiGreen lawn program produces superior results and an overall healthier lawn. Revive provides the following benefits to your lawn:

Revive® organic-based fertilizer in combination with our professional fertilizers provides the ideal nutrient package at the right time for your lawn

Revive® contains proprietary wetting agents that makes “water wetter”.  The water you apply to the lawn or what it receives from rainfall penetrates better and deeper so your lawn can better store and utilize it

Better water penetration means less evaporation, run off and pooling

Supplemental micronutrients in Revive® and in our exclusive fertilizer program gives your lawn what it needs when it needs it

Revive® helps break up and loosen compact soil by stimulating healthy, vigorous root growth

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