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With our roots so deeply ingrained in this area, we take a ton of pride in providing lawn care services in Cincinnati OH and pest control services in Cincinnati OH to the great people of the Cincinnati area. After all, this isn’t just a business– it’s our home, too.

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ExperiGreen Lawn Care Loveland Ohio


Programs offered by your local ExperiGreen location

Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control Program

Lawn Flea and Tick Control Program

Lawn Mosquito Control Program

Perimeter Pest Control Program


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Bud I


“I have done my own lawn care for decades but eventually started using a lawn care service. They always did a nice job. One day an ExperiGreen rep was canvassing the neighborhood for new business while I was doing some crack repair to our drive. Greg came out as requested to see how to treat a problem that was always diagnosed as a grub issue which I have treated myself with commercial grub control which did not help, nor did aeration. Greg identified it as bentgrass which I probably brought home from the golf course. Greg told me about a product that would control it without killing all the grass. I brought in tons of topsoil seed and straw after I applied this product myself. The project was a LOT of work over a two-year period. I switched to ExperiGreen at that time and Martez, the SAME tech has been doing a GREAT job doing the recommended treatment and this year Dempsey did a SUPER job aerating and overseeding, more straw and TONS of water for ten days done by me. BTW ExperiGreen rates were well below the other provider which afterward tried to low ball their way back in and I declined their offer. Remember grass needs water not just fertilizer… If my pics uploaded properly you can see all the lighter new growth of the tall fescue.”

Google Review ★★★★★

Gary O


“The service the results are outstanding. The ExperiGreen team truly values customer service and their product makes a significant difference. I am particularly impressed with our technician – Dempsey. He is very knowledgeable, personable and does an excellent job. He takes care of our lawn as if it was his own and he clearly takes pride in his work. Very highly recommended.”

Google Review ★★★★★

Penny C


“Had used another company for a few years was a waste of money. Just recently started with ExperiGreen. My son came to visit and the first thing he said was “wow the yard looks GREAT” Very pleased.”

Google Review  ★★★★★

Jon F


“My first lawn service. Yard was in bad shape. I was amazed at what they did in one season. Applied extra treatments to catch up to my neighbors!”

Google Review  ★★★★★

Jennifer S


“ExperiGreen is the first and only lawncare service I’ve hired. Very pleased with the services provided and communication is top notch. I have a call ahead placed on my account. I receive a friendly call before every service and detailed information left regarding what was done to our yard. Paying is very convenient, they leave a bill and I pay online.”

Yelp Review  ★★★★★

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ExperiGreen Individual Lawn Care Services in Loveland OH


Additional services offered by your local ExperiGreen location

Individual Lawn Care Services: Loveland OH


Additional services offered by your local ExperiGreen location

Lawn Aeration

Lawn Disease Treatment


Soil Amendment

Grub Control

Surface Feeding Insects

A Great Green Place in 

Loveland, Ohio

Loveland, Ohio has a variety of beautiful green spaces for outdoor activities, exercise or community events with beautiful open spaces, bike, and walking paths baseball fields and more.

ExperiGreen Lawn Care Loveland Ohio
ExperiGreen Lawn Care Loveland Ohio
ExperiGreen Lawn Care Services Loveland Ohio

See below list of parks and green spaces in Loveland, Ohio.

Nisbet Park & Amphitheater

Deer Run Shelter, Symmes Township Park

Home of The Brave Park

Bark Park

Bishop City Park

20 Mile Stand Park

Craig Minard Memorial Park

ExperiGreen Lawn Care Services Loveland Ohio

How Do You Take Care Of Your Favorite Green Space?

Everyone has their favorite personal green space – whether it is your backyard where you retreat for some well-deserved R&R, or the area around your backyard deck where you enjoy resting after work, or the green area surrounding your patio where you take your evening meals in the spring and summer.

No matter where your green is, ExperiGreen Lawn Care can help make it even more special.


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