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Beech Grove Indiana Lawn Care Services


Our management staff and lawn professionals have deep roots in the Indianapolis area. Yes, this is where we do business –but it is also our home.

Lawn Care Beech Grove Indiana

Beech Grove Indiana Zip Codes

46107, 46203

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ExperiGreen Lawn Care Beech Grove Indiana


Programs offered by your local ExperiGreen location

Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control Program

Lawn Flea and Tick Control Program

Lawn Mosquito Control Program

Perimeter Pest Control Program


ExperiGreen Customer Testimonials


Don’t just take our word, see what our satisfied  customers have to say about us! We love exceeding expectations.

Erich R


“I have been a customer for a few years now. Our grass has never looked better. The application person is great! We also really appreciate notifying us of any additional applications that may cost extra BEFORE applying. We have been very pleased with ExperiGreen”

Google Review ★★★★★

Sara D


“The technician Lacey, is very knowledgeable and professional when she comes to treat our lawn. As a new homeowner, seeing someone’s front yard is the first impression, and ExperiGreen helps us make a great impression. Thank you so much!!!”

Google Review ★★★★★

James D


“ExperiGreen 5/5 does a great job, we receive compliments on our lawn on a regular basis. Laci goes out of her way to make sure we are happy; ensures we know in advance that she will treating the yard since we have a dog. She also always leaves documentation on what treatment has been done and what’s to be expected in the next treatment. We have used ExperiGreen for 3years and would recommend them to anyone.”

Google Review  ★★★★★



“I used to treat my own lawn with very mixed, but most often poor results. I started using ExperiGreen 2 seasons ago. At the time, my lawn had weeds, bare spots and malnourished grass. By the end of the first season, ExperiGreen had my lawn looking so much better. By the start of the second season, my lawn looked amazing. The one time I called for a couple trouble spots, they were on it. Great service, better lawn.”

Google Review  ★★★★★

Kristen M


“After about 3 years of trying to maintain the lawn myself I finally admitted defeat and decided to get someone who actually knows what they are doing to help me! The search was easy and thanks to all of the other positive reviews, ExperiGreen was the choice for me. Within a couple of hours of submitting a request for more information, they contacted me to give me a detailed breakdown of the services they provide and what to expect. Two days later, someone was at the house, assessing the situation, and applying fertilizer and weed spray. Despite the later start in the growing season, I was able to get set up with 4 treatments, including an early winter application which will help give my lawn the energy it needs to get 2019 off to a great start. In addition to the great service, the website is easy to use! Prepaying in advance helps to save money and you can schedule all sorts of additional services like aerating and seeding. I highlight recommend ExperiGreen! For the cost of their services, I am easily coming out even or possibly slightly ahead based on how much money I’ve spent trying to take care of the lawn myself (and still managing to kill grass and let weeds get the best of me).”

Google Review  ★★★★★

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ExperiGreen Individual Lawn Care Services Beech Grove Indiana


Additional services offered by your local ExperiGreen location

Individual Lawn Care Services: Beech Grove Indiana


Additional services offered by your local ExperiGreen location

Lawn Aeration

Lawn Disease Treatment


Soil Amendment

Grub Control

Surface Feeding Insects

A Great Green Place in 

Beech Grove Indiana

Lawn Care Services Beech Grove Indiana

Beech Grove has a variety of beautiful green spaces for outdoor activities, exercise, or community events with beautiful open spaces, bike, and walking paths baseball fields, and more.

Lawn Care Services Beech Grove Indiana
ExperiGreen Lawn Care Beech Grove Indiana

See below list of parks and green spaces in Beech Grove Indiana

Sarah T Bolton Park

Don Chalis Park

Hornet Park Community Center

ExperiGreen Lawn Care Beech Grove Indiana

How Do You Take Care Of Your 

Favorite Green Space?

Lawn Care Services For Beech Grove Indiana

ExperiGreen the #1 Beech Grove IN Lawn Care Service

ExperiGreen Lawn Care can help make your favorite green space- the one around your home or business- healthy, lush and green.


ExperiGreen can develop a personalized lawn care plan for your ‘Beech Grove lawn’ that may include:

Optional Beneficial Treatments:

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